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Breast lift with Implants – Mastopexy

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Breast lift with Implants - Mastopexy

Breast lift surgery is called Mastopexy. It is a scientific technique which involves electrical machines to modify and change the shape of breasts of a person. It may involve skin removal, breast lifting as well as changing the position of the areola and nipples.

Mastopexy can be performed alone and it can be facilitated by implant placement as well. Technique which involves usage of implants in breast lift is called Breast Augmentation. This is a permanent method of reshaping breast. Breast life produced by simple surgery or Mastopexy is no permanent and gravity and aging can reshape breasts after sometime. This reshaping after Mastopexy is called Ptosis.

Procedure of breast lift involves incision of the breast underneath crease. Incision around areola and incision between areola and base of the breast is also part of this method. This technique facilitates removal of the excessive skin and elevation of the breast by reducing the size of the areola. This procedure or method allows maximum change of breast shape. Scars in this case may fade with time but in most cases they are visible even long after surgery. To reduce scars, modified breast lift technique was developed which involves less incisions but it allows only small change of shape. Donut lift, crescent lift, lollipop lift and few others are examples of modified breast lift.

Breast augmentation is the best and most reliable form of breast lift. It is long term and also facilitates most diverse breast reshaping. It is very fast procedure and takes only 1 to 2 hours. Time of operation depends on the incision type, implants type and implants pocket placement. Incision may be of following types:

Infra-mammary: It involves incision in the infra-mammary fold.
Periareola: It involves incision along areola border.
Transsaxillary: Incision in the armpit
Transsumbilical: Incision in the naval dissection tunnels.
Transabdominoplasty: It is same as transsumbilical but incision is placed up from the abdomen.

Types of implants used are very important with respect to the time and shape of the breast. Saline implants and Silicone gel implants are type of the implants widely used breast lift with implant.

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