Breast Implants by Shape-Teardrop vs. Round

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Women come in all shapes and sizes, each body type has its own beauty and this is what makes us special and unique. Hence, there is no one implant that will be perfect for all kinds of women. Generally, there are two major kinds of implants when it comes to the shape; round and tear drop. Different women are looking for a different outcome from the surgery hence the choice of implants varies accordingly. Here is a brief comparison of both of the techniques which will help you make a better choice.

Factors to Consider

The ideal breast shape differs from one individual to another, hence the choice of the implant does too. Some considerations while choosing the right shape of the implant include:

  • Body type
  • Current Breast Tissue
  • Placement of the implant
  • Incision site
  • Doctor’s recommendation
  • Personal choice

Round Breast Implants

It is certainly the most commonly used type of implant. It looks like a compressed sphere. They have four types which vary from low projection to high projection. High projection ones have larger bases and more volume. This is a common choice for women who wish to have fullness on the top part of their breasts. These kinds of implants will give all the lift, cleavage, and fullness that you have ever wanted. Your boobs look a lot more symmetrical and you will never have to experience implant rotation. It will typically cost less than a tear drop implant. With all its amazing benefits, some individuals want a much more natural look and feel that round implants are a tad bit excessive. For them, tear drop implants are the perfect kind to be used in breast augmentation Sharjah.

Teardrop Breast Implants

As evident from the name, it is shaped in the form of a tear drop. It provides a sloped contour that fills out more on the bottom than the top. This is how breasts are shaped naturally. Hence, tear drop implants mimic the shape of natural breasts. They are slightly more expensive than the round ones but are certainly worth it if you are a fan of the natural look. While with round implants, you have a choice of selecting smooth or textured surface, it not the case with tear dropped ones. They require a textured surface if you don’t want them rotating or distorting.

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