Breast Enlargement by Fat Injection – Is it Safe and Effective?

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Breast Enlargement by Fat Injection

Breasts are the most important and figurative feature of women body and nearly every woman desires to have fuller and big breasts. Some women have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts and sometimes aging and gravity affect the size and shape of breasts. Whatever the reason affecting the appearance of breasts is, the main thing to mention is that fuller and the breasts that are proportional to rest of the body contours look make your appearance. This is the reason that breast augmentation is most popular and demanded cosmetic procedure because it is super effective way of enhancing the contour and size of breasts. Usually breast augmentation is done by placing implants in the breasts but now less invasive and even non-invasive techniques are also available. Fat injection is an advanced technique that most of the plastic surgeons are using as the alternative for breast implants.

Protocols for more safe and effective fat grafting for breast enlargement are still being in the phase of development but at this time, it seems to be the most effective for small to moderate breast enlargements. During the procedure, fat is extracted from certain areas having excess fat like abdomen and thighs through liposuction and is injected in the breasts to give them volume. Nearly 30-80% of fat injected in the breasts stays over the time and rest is absorbed by the body. Repeated sessions for the treatment help in retaining the volume of injected fat. Fat grafting is used for both purposes breast augmentation as well as to improve the results of breast reconstruction performed after breast cancer surgery. Is this procedure really effective and safe or not, you will come to know by having a look on following factors.

The first important thing to know is that does it cause breast cancer or not, it is not yet proved or disproved. Nearly 10% of women suffer from breast cancer in their lives and this might be after having breast enlargement through fat transfer but we can’t say that the procedure is the reason for this. However, there may be chances that transferred fat speed up breast cancer.

Another important thing to know is that does it affect mammography – breast imaging for breast cancer – or not. The reality is that it does not affect mammography. However the injected fat may cause development of cysts and redistribution of breast tissues.

Another important thing to know about is that whether stem cell enriched fat cells cause any problem or not. Reality is that stem cells can affect results in both good and bad ways. Good thing is that they help in regeneration of missing tissues after mastectomy improving the results. On the other hand, they may cause rapid division of cancer cells.

In short, fat injections for breast enlargement have both pros and cons but you can make it effective and flawless by seeking an experienced plastic surgeon.

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