Breast Augmentation Without Implants

breast augmentation

Most of the people prefer the use of implants for augmentation of their breast to get a drastic increase. However, these implants work for a specific time period. During the consultation, various women ask whether there is another option without implants or not. The good news is, yes you can get breast augmentation even without implants.

Luckily, there is another procedure of breast augmentation in which you don’t need to get implants and it is known as fat transfer. This amazing method can produce amazing boob job results. So, let’s discuss the fat transfer treatment in detail to learn more about it.

What Is A Fat Transfer?

The fat transfer for breast augmentation refers to the process in which the fat is transferred from one area of your body to the other. Usually, liposuction is used to perform the procedure in which the fat is taken from one part of your body and then injected into the targeted area (breasts). If you want to get natural-looking results and don’t want to go through the risks that are linked with implants, then you should go for a fat transfer breast augmentation method.

What Are the Benefits?

It is a sad reality that everyone is not a good candidate for the procedure. But still, its benefits are remarkable for those who are the right candidates. Have a look at these advantages!

  • The procedure is best for you if you want a delicate augmentation that looks natural.
  • You don’t want to use any foreign material to implant in your body.
  • It is 100% natural and your own body fats are used to perform it. This is the reason that you get natural and soft skin.
  • You get multiple benefits from this procedure. On one side you get your breasts augmented and on the other side, you get body contouring.
  • It helps you to get rid of the side-effects that are linked with the implants.
  • The procedure provides scarless results.

What About Results?

You will get visible results after undergoing fat transfer for breast augmentation. However, you need to keep this fact in mind that you will not get too much enhancement or a drastic increase in size. The results provide you the natural augmentation with normal size. You will achieve firmness, shape, and fullness. However, the natural results are better in any case.

Final Thoughts

In short, it is now possible to get breast augmentation without having implants being fitted into your body. There are countless risks associated with these implants due to which women have started avoiding them. They are preferring natural methods to augment their breasts which is possible through fat transfer. It not only gives you natural results but also keeps you safe from the harmful risks of implants.

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