Breast Augmentation for Over 50

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Breast Augmentation for Over 50

Breast augmentation is the most demanded and frequently performed cosmetic procedure. A large number of women undergo this procedure without any discrimination in the age. It is perfect method to improve the shape and size of undeveloped or small breasts. The procedure involves placement of breast implants either under the breast tissues or beneath pectoral muscles.

Most of the people associate the procedure with middle age women but in fact the procedure has no upper limit. Even the women in their 60s and 70s undergo the procedure of breast augmentation and get successful and beautiful results. The main factor that determines your eligibility for the procedure is your health rather than your age. Some select the procedure as breast reconstruction after mastectomy while others go for it after accident or to just restore or improve the shape and size of breasts to get more youthful appearance. Whatever the reason is, if you are healthy, you can undergo breast augmentation at any age.

Saline implants and silicone gel implants are the most commonly used Food and Drugs Association (FDA) approved breast implants. Saline implants are approved for the women having minimum age of 18 years and silicone gel implants are approved for women who are 22 or older. There is no specific age as upper limit for the candidacy of the breast augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation may become an excellent choice for women having age more than 50 because it can help in boosting the confidence and bring a positive change in women’s body. It is also important to know that women over 50 have realistic expectations with the procedure. They understand that the procedure will surely improve the appearance of breasts will not provide you with the breasts like you had when you were 18.

To be the best candidate for breast augmentation surgery, age is the least important factor. You can go for the procedure even if you are in 50s, 60s or 70s. The important things that need consideration are your immune system and good general health. Your surgeon should know about your medical history, you should have healthy immune system and you should not have any serious medical condition. You are the best candidate for the procedure if you fulfill all these conditions even in your 50s.

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