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BRAVA Breast Augmentation

BRAVA is a remarkable invention that makes use of a tried and tested method for tissue expansion in a revolutionary new way for enhancing breast size was developed specifically in mind for those women who wish to have a non-surgical alternative to breast augmentation that is not only safe, but provides long-lasting healthy results. BRAVA is not just a shady product, in fact it has been used by tens of thousands of women globally ever since its invention. Surgeons also agree that it is effective in expanding breast tissue allowing for greater and more successful premise for natural fat transfer for breast augmentation. Not only does it set the stage for a more successful fat transfer for breast augmentation without using any artificial implants, but BRAVA breast augmentation in itself can result in an increase of an average of one and half cup sizes increase for women who wear it regularly for a certain period of time. Moreover the change is permanent resulting in no withdrawal of tissue even after the passage of time.


In a clinical feasibility study carried out in 2009 by a group of experts on a group of 40 women with ages ranging in the 17-53 brackets, MRI scans deducted the results achieved through this negative pressure fixation garment. An increase in volume noted to be up to an average of 150ccs was maintained with the patient wearing the BRAVA device for 11 hours each day over a period of 130 days. There is no pain involved in wearing it as proven by the extensive surveys carried out with the patients on utilization of the system and its various aspects. The results came out at 75%: (very) satisfied with fuller and firmer breasts; 85%: would suggest wearing it and 100%: painless treatment.

Even with passage of 10 months after the study, all patients were continuously monitored within a time range of 7 – 20 months. It was also observed that patients’ bodies maintain breast volume growth and continued to sustain it for long time afterwards. The next paragraphs highlight how BRAVA achieves those outstanding results.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

BRAVA was the brainchild of Dr. Khouri who is an internationally acclaimed practitioner and cosmetic surgeon with a goal of overcoming the fears and facts related to various demogrpahics of women when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Breast implants although becoming increasingly common is still associated with the stigma some people take with things artificial. Certainly a more natural way of increasing breast tissue that can be both not at all or mildly invasive and not involving any pain is seen far more efficient in providing long-lasting results coupled with mental comfort. And indeed it is; ever since its inception, the BRAVA system has facilitated for over 50,000 women all over the world in attaining a more confident sexier self-image that they discovered without going under the surgeon’s knife.

Now patients normally undergo pre-operative evaluation visits with their surgeon to discuss all aspect of potential cosmetic treatment and the BRAVA option greatly enhances the resources a clinic has for fat transfer breast augmentation and reconstruction. Moreover it is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai where women as well as medical tourists are seeking cosmetic breast augmentation or breast cancer reconstruction treatments in order to improve quality of personal and social life. Thanks to BRAVA no longer are the choices limited to implants and extended surgeon visits.

Importance of BRAVA System

Fat transfer augmentation was previously carried out but BRAVA allowed for the proper and efficient execution of the grafting technique by first extending the structure to accommodate the fat. Orthodox fat transfer treatments no doubt did allow for an increase in breast size, but only suited a few select patients having ample space in the breasts and fat on their body from where fat can be harvested to be implanted. Even in the most ideal patients a fraction of the fat cells didn’t adhere to new site and died out. This resulted in fat necrosis where calcified lumps were prone to form inside the patient’s breast tissue confusing doctors in MRI scans. Moreover only a modest increase could be achieved and numerous visits were needed to be scheduled in order to achieve a sizeable increase. In the end it mostly came down to the patient being comfortable with their investment and their treatment if the surgeon made a good job.

All these variables didn’t give fat transfer augmentation the credit it was out to get. It had the benefits of minimal complications, natural grafting of the body’s own fat into another location, combined liposuction with an increase in breast size and more importantly being only very slightly invasive. But the results speak the loudest and BRAVA has allowed what previously was a considered an inefficient albeit effective technique to take full credit for the results it provides.

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