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Botox may Benefit Stroke Patients

We have seen and heard about Botox- the most popular, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment worldwide but guess what today’s science and technology found out!

Researches at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) monitored nerve activity in the arms and brains of stroke survivors before and after Botolinium Toxin (Botox) injections in the rigid and stiff muscles in the arm.

It was found that Botox indeed improved arm muscles but also altered brain activity in the cortex- the brain region responsible for movement, memory, learning and thinking. Furthermore, studies showed that this treatment results in electrical and functional changes within the brain itself.

This effect of Botox on the brain may arise because the toxin travels to the central nervous system directly or because muscles treated with Botox are sending different signals back to the brain.

Either way, it was found that that Botox treatment in affected muscles not only improves muscle disorders in stroke patients but also normalizes electrical activity in the brain, particularly in the half of the brain not damaged by stroke. Restoring normal activity in the unaffected side of the brain is particularly important because abnormal information sent from affected muscles to the brain may be disrupting patients’ long term recovery.

Botox already proved so many wonders so think how advantageous this would be for the stroke survivors.

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