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5 Body Contouring Treatments for A Perfect Look

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5 Body Contouring Treatments for A Perfect Look

Tried exercising and dieting in order for you to get that perfect look but nothing seems to work? The stubborn fats are still there glaring at you as if they are taunting you and it is a fact that getting rid of fat sometimes is really hard work. The problem areas are usually the thighs, butt and stomach.

The very thought of going under the knife so as to get rid of some stubborn fat can be a bit daunting and seem extreme for some of us. Not to worry though as this is where body contouring treatments come in. Body contouring is a non-invasive fat loss procedure which has minimal pain and very little downtime. It is the go to fat loss method that more and more people are opting for nowadays. Body contouring should however not be confused for a weight loss method as it is designed to tackle and manipulate certain problem areas by killing fat cells.

The procedure takes off about two to five inches of fat off the problem area. If you are an impatient person then this is not for you as it takes about six weeks after the procedure to start noticing the changes. Optimal results show in about three months. For the best results you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and this procedure tackles current fat but does not prevent new fat from forming in the future.

Below are 5 of the best body contouring treatments for a perfect look;


This treatment uses heat to zap fat. Window applicators are strapped to trouble areas and a laser light is used to reflect off the windows and down into the skin. This heats up the fat cells and damages them hence they die over the next few months.

This mode of treatment has more geometric flexibility and suits different body types. The procedure is very quick and takes about 25 minutes to complete.

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Cool Sculpting

This procedure shrinks problem areas by freezing fat cells. This makes them to stop regenerating and become senescent and eventually die. This is best suited for people who are looking to lose about two to three inches.

The side effects are very few and there is no downtime. The procedure takes about an hour to complete and you can go back to work right after.


This body contouring method uses the HIFU treatment to get rid of stubborn fat. Ultrasound energy send shockwaves which tear apart the fat cells walls and releases them in the form of triglycerides which are then eliminated from the body naturally.

Three treatments over a period of two weeks are usually needed. This treatment is best suited for those who are looking to reduce a small pouch, love handles, knee fat and arm fat. The procedure takes about an hour to complete.


This treatment melts fat by the use of low-level lasers together with a post-laser massage. It works well with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

It is best suited for people who live a healthy and active lifestyle and might want to get rid of a double chin or a few inches off their stomach. The procedure takes about 40 minutes to complete.

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This treatment uses radio frequency to shock fat cells by use of heat therefore melting them. It is best suited for someone who lost weight recently or has had liposuction in the past. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and has no downtime.

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