Belt Lipectomy Recovery Time

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Belt Lipectomy Recovery Time

Belt Lipectomy

Human skin has the ability to go back to its original position after it is stretched. However, when a person gains weight then fat is accumulated in a specific area the skin in that area loses elasticity due to excessive stretching. Due to this, the skin becomes fluffy. In order to counter that belt lipectomy surgery is needed to contour the body and remove loose skin and fat.

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The Recovery Time of Belt Lipectomy Surgery

The belt lipectomy is usually performed after a person loses some weight. If the drains and muscle tightening is not involved then the person can recover quickly fast. The patient would be ready to work in two weeks. However with drains and muscle tightening it can take longer.

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The first couple of days (Lower Body Lift)

Most of the patients require a short stay in the hospital usually one to two days due to the extensive time it takes for the surgery to be completed. After two to three days tubes are removed from the body. When tubes are removed you would be able to take a shower. However, the patients would wear the compression dress all the time except when they shower.

During this time patients will feel a little discomfort due to swelling, however, painkillers are prescribed to them so that they could feel as little discomfort as possible. Patients are encouraged to move as soon as they can so that the blood could flow and blood clotting could be prevented.

Three to Six Weeks After belt lipectomy surgery

During this time your swelling will decrease greatly. However, it might not disappear completely. By the fourth week, patients can increase their activity. Patients will be able to return to work at this point. However, you can’t return to more tough activities. After six weeks the patients would reach the point when you will be able to return to tougher activates.

Three to six months after the procedure

Most patients can see that the swelling would be dropped by 70% to 80% within the first three weeks of the procedure. Within six months the swelling would be reduced to 90%. In six to nine months the patients would be fully healed with no swelling.

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