Top 10 Beauty Treatments Hollywood Celebs Are Going For in 2019

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When it comes to what’s popular and trending in the beauty industry then there’s only one place to look and that is Hollywood. This is because these Hollywood celebs’ skin and body always seem to be near perfect or perfect depending to what you are looking at.

Here are the top 10 beauty treatments that we believe Hollywood celebs will be going for in 2019.

  1. Non-invasive is the new surgical

Non-surgical beauty treatments are on the rise and this will mostly continue as the technology behind it keeps on improving. This is because such treatments usually have minimal downtime as compared to their surgical counterparts. There is an array of non-invasive procedures such as skin rejuvenation treatments and body sculpting procedures.

  1. Laser facials

The fractional laser treatment is very popular when it comes to treating minor skin issues such as dullness, sun spots or large pores. It is a quick painless procedure with little to no downtime. It can be done over the lunch hour period and you can go back to the office right after.

  1. Coolsculpting

Also known as cryolipolysis it is the non-invasive version of liposuction. It mainly targets the stubborn fats that refuse to go away no matter how much you exercise or diet. It destroys fat cells beneath the skin by freezing them which is then eliminated naturally from the body.

  1. Botox

Botox is here to stay and it has proved this by never running out of style. It is a quick painless procedure which relaxes your muscles and can be done during the lunch hour period. It provides an instant rejuvenation to your skin. No wonder it is so loved.

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  1. Thermage

This is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that takes years off your face through the use of radio frequency energy which stimulates collagen production. Who doesn’t want to look younger? It however requires multiple treatments for the optimal results to be seen.

  1. Cheek fillers

Defined cheek bones and tight skin are considered to be signs of youth. You do not have to undergo facial surgery to achieve facial definition, you can always opt for injectable fillers instead.

  1. Body Contouring

It is next to impossible to find a woman without cellulite. Body contouring combines multiple technologies to heat up fat cells, connective tissues and collagen fibres in order to minimize cellulite and improve skin elasticity and texture.

  1. Non-surgical Nose job

Not everyone wants to go through a painful and invasive procedure that requires plenty of recovery time like the traditional rhinoplasty. A non-surgical nose job uses injectable fillers such as juvederm and hyaluronic acid but the results are not permanent. It is great for creating nostril symmetry and smooth out bridge bumps. It however does not reduce the size of the nose for that and other modifications rhinoplasty is used.

  1. Oxygeneo Facials

These facials are a favourite among the Hollywood elites as it helps them in getting red carpet ready. Oxygeneo facials are not your average type of facials as they do way more to the skin such as plumping the skin, bringing back balance to the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and toning and brightening up the skin.

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  1. Chemical peels

This is something that Hollywood celebs swear by. It removes dead skin and new, brighter, clearer and youthful layers of skin grow. Chemical peels have different strengths and are great at reducing sun damage, deep wrinkles and acne scarring.

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