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Beauty Queen, Young and Sweet

Most of the winners of international beauty pageants are from none other than Venezuela. Venezuela had seven Miss Universe, six Miss World, six Miss International and two Miss Earth titles so far. The secret behind winning these crowns is extreme hard work and cosmetic surgeries of beauty contestants.

In the competition of Miss World for 2014, Miss Debora Menicucci was expected to make seven Miss World titles for Venezuela though she couldn’t. But the beauty, glitz and glamour in Venezuela are really unmatchable and behind the perfect body of beauty contestants from Venezuela lies the extreme ways to win the titles.

The Miss Venezuela contest is the national beauty pageant of Venezuela and it has been held since 1952. The contestants do months of grooming and preparation in order to win the competition. Thousands and thousands of women apply for pageant each year – sometimes women would participate in the contests for five or six years consecutively.

In Venezuela, girls as young as of 12 years are getting nose jobs and butt lifts with the consent of their mothers. Venezuelan girls undergo plastic surgeries for the removal of intestinal parts so that food passes through their bodies without digestion that helps them avoid gaining weight. They also go for certain other methods to keep their bodies slim and smart. These methods include sewing plastic mesh on their tongues and that prevents them from eating solid food. They also use to wear plaster casts that help them shrink their waists.

The shocking part of this extremely surprising fact is that their parents themselves take the initiatives of putting their daughters through such procedures for fame and money. Desperate parents even make their daughters – having ages of eight or nine – get the injections to stop the onset of puberty and make them grow taller. They make their daughters join beauty academies to get prepared for beauty contests. One such academy in Venezuela is Belankazar which has six hundred girls having ages between five and twenty nine. Current Miss Venezuela – Mariana Jimenez – is also among the former students of this academy.

The director of the academy says that the average age for girls to get breast implants is 16. To become the beauty queen, girls don’t need to have too large or too small breasts. This is why breast augmentation surgery is done to slightly improve the size and shape of breasts.

It is also the fact that craving for perfect body and beauty has a lot of price and dozens of teenage girls die every year because of the cosmetic surgeries. On the other hand, there are certain such women also who say no to biopolymers and yes to life because when you live in a region where beautiful women have more career prospects as compared to women with first class education and strong work ethic, you are compelled to think that there is nothing more important than the beauty.

Certain other factors that make the Venezuelan girls the beauty queens are as follows.

  • They are happy – according to many surveys, Venezuelans are the most happy and contented people and this is the reason that they are beautiful too.
  • They are exotic – Venezuela has people from different nationalities living here and the blend of these nationalities produce unique offspring’s. It has people from a number of ethnic groups including Italian, Spanish, German, Arab, Portuguese and African.
  • They live in beautiful diverse country – this region has natural striking beauty which ranges from snow capped peaks to Amazon jungles and beaches.
  • They appreciate natural beauty – Venezuelans are keen aesthetes they highly appreciate the natural beauty.
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