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Basic Things To Do Before Getting A Facelift

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Basic Things To Do

Our face represents our identity and takes most of the attention. Your skin is likely to become loose and wrinkly with the time which a facelift surgery can fix. A facelift medically termed as a rhytidectomy can effectively remove the appearance of any folds, wrinkles and loose skin you’re your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jawline and mouth.

A facelift surgery differs for everyone. The treatment plan will be designed according to your condition and requirements. Your surgeon will help you to get ready for the surgery with his list of instructions particularly for you. But here are few basic things that you need to do before you go for a facelift surgery.

Make up your Mind

It’s more than important that you have made your mind about undergoing a surgery to improve your looks. You must understand the procedure, results, recovery period and potential complications related to the facelift surgery. It will help you in being confident about the treatment you are going for.

Prepare for the Surgery

You are supposed to talk to your surgeon about preparing for the surgery. Planning ahead will help you in staying comfortable during and after the procedure. Your surgeon will let you know about the things you must do and things you should avoid. You must not take any medications that your surgeon does not approve off because there are some medicines such as aspirin which can increase the risk of bleeding during the surgery.

Give up Smoking

Nicotine intake can interfere with the healing process which is why the best candidate for a facelift surgery is the one who does not smoke. If you smoke, you are told to stop smoking for at least three weeks before the date of your surgery because who doesn’t want to recover quickly?

No Drinking

You are advised to stop alcohol consumption a week before the surgery as it can contribute to the delay in the healing process.

Prepare your Room

If you want to recover comfortably after a facelift surgery in Dubai, you should prepare a recovery room in your home. You must gather your medications, prescribed ointments, loose button-down shirts and ice bags in the room. Keep extra pillows because you will be asked to keep your head elevated while sleeping.

Choose a Surgeon

The most important role is played by your plastic surgeon which is why you must book your surgery with a well-qualified and experienced facelift surgeon for the surgery.

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