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With the passage of time, you get older and your skin becomes sagging. So, the skin of your arms also becomes loose. In case, your drastic weight loss can also be the reason of your sagging skin. If you want to throw away this problem and also want tight skin again then there are various procedures of arms lift that can help you. Today’s modern technology has turned this treatment into a beneficial procedure. Arm lift surgery is also called Brachioplasty in medical language. This surgical technique improves the look of your arm by removing all fats and make the appearance of your arm so attractive. If you want to turn your arms from ‘flab’ into ‘fab’, then Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a reputable clinic to achieve your goal.

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Arm Lift Surgery Procedure
Obviously, there are so many surgical clinics in the country with claiming perfect arm lift surgery. But are they trusted or not? So, here you need to go to that surgical clinic on which you have trust. And that is the Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic. Of course, you will want to improve the look of your sagging arms. So, you could get your required shape through different treatments. These techniques include;
It refers to one of the most demanding procedures as it works by removing stubborn fats from your body. When this technique is used specifically for armpits, then our surgeons will remove fat from that area only. This procedure is more suitable for those patients who have extreme fat on their arms and seem to be like hanging skin. This procedure is divided into 2 forms:
1. Minimal Incision Arm Lift
It is best for those people who have less amount of fats near the armpits.
2. Full Arm Lift
This is best for individuals who have more sagging and fatty skin on their upper and lower arm.
How The Procedure Is Performed?
The procedure is initiated by administering general anesthesia. After this, the surgeon makes small cuts on the of your arm where treatment is required. The shape of cuts will be different according to the requirements of the surgery and in some cases the specialist’s own style of treatment. In mini arm lift surgery, the cuts are made under arm. On the other hand, in full arm surgery, the cuts are made above the elbow to the armpit.
After the cuts, excessive fats are removed by the use of liposuction and the extra skin is eliminated. You will get tighten skin as a result. In the final stage, cuts are closed with absorbable stitches.
After completing all stages of surgery, there is little downtime related to recovery. Most patients are doing little activities within 3 to 5 weeks and generally back to their regular routine.

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Arm Lift Benefits
After liposuction, now you can see the improvement in your overall looking. Now you will feel happy because your sagging arms turn into toned and tight arms. It provides you a superior shape. It increases your self-esteem. Rises clothing choices for you. The marks of the cuts are well-hidden. Last but not least, you will get outstanding results for a long time period. The results are manageable by managing your weight and improving quality of life.

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