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Breasts are an important figurative feature of women’s body, which significantly affect your appearance. But sometimes women don’t get satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts because either they are too small or underdeveloped or excessively large and painful. On the other hand in some cases, women lose partial or full breasts due to breast surgery known as mastectomy that is done as the treatment of breasts cancer. Advancements in the cosmetic surgeries provide the solution to every cosmetic issue. There are various kinds of breast surgeries that are performed to alter the shape and size of breasts to the desired one. Breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift are such breast surgeries but breasts reconstruction is also a cosmetic breast surgery that is performed as the need to reconstruct the breasts after their removal.

Since last few years, the surgical procedure of preventive mastectomy that is done in hopes of avoiding future disease among the women who have high risks of developing breast cancer has become quite common. One of the stars Angelina Julie has also undergone double preventive mastectomy – removal of both the breasts because of the risk of having breast cancer. After double mastectomy, Angelina also went through breast reconstruction to regain the breasts. Angelina is quite happy with her decision of going through mastectomy and having breast implants. May be this is the reason that preventive mastectomy has also became common in the previous few years. The women, who have risk of breast cancer or if they are at risk of having breast cancer genetically, go for this procedure. Though the preventive mastectomy is not the surety of not having breast cancer but still women think it a safe choice and go for it.

Well, the main thing is that you get your breasts removed during mastectomy whether it is preventive or not. So, a lot of women then also find a reliable solution to get their breasts back and this can only be done if you go for breast reconstruction surgery. Breast reconstruction surgery is the procedure in which your breasts are reconstructed either by transferring tissue flap from some other body part to the breasts or by inserting breast implants in the breasts. Breast implant surgery is more common and popular as compared to tissue flap transfer because it requires less cuts and incisions. This procedure is done by making incisions in the suitable site and inserting implants in the pockets made in breasts through these incisions. Mostly two kinds of implants – saline implants and silicone implants – are used during this procedure.

If you are in Dubai and you are seeking a reliable clinic for breast surgery, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is the most reliable and trusted option. It not only offers breast reconstruction but offers breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift also.

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