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All About Breast Augmentation With Silicone Implants

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Breast Augmentation

Silicone is the earth’s most abundant metal because it never exists in its pure state but instead forms a macromolecular compound with oxygen, carbon and other metals known as silica; which is the scientific name for sand. Silicon has a variety of modern uses from the medical industry to microchips owing to its characteristic in various chemical compositions. In cosmetic surgery, silicone – which is an oxygen and hydrocarbon polymer of silicon – has been refined and evolved to be used in the burgeoning breast augmentation industry. Solid silicone, silicone gel and even silica are used in the breast implant. Highly refined pure silica grains are used as to reinforce the solid silicone shell of the implant in such way that even if the shell becomes worn out and tears, each silica grain is so tightly surrounded in silicone that it cannot harm the body.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are packets made of silicone containing viscous silicone gel in various shapes and sizes. The consistency of the gel makes the implant feel more natural just like mammary tissue. Even in the case of a leak, the gel will remain within the shell owing to its water repellant tendencies and even if little droplets do escape, they remain within the implant pocket. Bottom note is that silicone filled implant will not collapse.

For ladies who elect silicone implants as their choice of implant, would need to get regular check-ups with the plastic surgeon to ensure the proper functioning of the implants. A simple ultrasound or MRI scan would allow the doctor to check how well are the silicone implants adapting.

Surgical procedure

General or local anesthesia is required for implanting the silicone shells through a simple incision in the skin. For cosmetic insertion incisions are made in the axilla; that is under the bottom circumference of the areolas, otherwise infra-mammary incisions – right where the bottom touches the chest – would suffice. In case of mammary reconstruction the preexisting scar location would be the ideal reentry point, hence excessive scarring is out of the question, whereas the scar in question is concealed too, eventually fading away.

Implants are inserted into pockets created in a plane that runs either on the pectoral fascia (beneath the breast tissue) or beneath the muscle in. The decision depends on the surgeon and his evaluation of the implant you want as much as the one that would safely fit your measurements. After implants have been inserted, incisions are sutured to close.


Silicone filled implants have been an industry favorite ever since they came into practice for cosmetic purposes. It can be safely said that 80 percent to 85 percent of surgeons and recipients favor the quality and outcomes that gel implants offer. Gel filled implants have continuously evolved to be better, safer, more efficient.


After extensive and long years of studies conducted by various groups it has been proven that silicone doesn’t influence or initiate disease. There is hardly proof that a broken implant is harmful. On the contrary, the majority of problems associated with breast surgery are due to the surgical procedure and the patient’s biological setup, and not the implant.


The wide variety of females electing for breast implants, are doing it specifically for cosmetic reasons. It’s not uncommon for breast augmentation to be done for patients of breast cancer or physical trauma. The ideal type of recipient lies within the 30+ age demographic and is physically, socially as well as mentally stable excluding that single aspect of her physique. Among the root motives behind this choice is that arbitrary and ambivalent agreement taken by society, culture and nature that defines bigger bosoms as more attractive and bountiful.

Hence, between 80-95% of women report their satisfaction with surgery and add that increased self-esteem is as much a reward as the enhanced physical appearance. Gel-filled implants are the first choice for breast augmentation the world over, which is supported by women who have experienced both gel and saline implants.


Every patient is personally evaluated by the surgeon before the physical exam in order for the doctor to make a decision based on the aim of enhancing quality lifestyle, personal perception and hence overall well-being. Skilled plastic surgeons will know better how to tackle various types of patients from experience. The patient’s primary aspect of concern for the doctor is the expectations they have from surgery, how well does their choice fit their physical setup and the best plastic surgeon cannot predict a 100% accurate outcome. You can check with an expert by signing up for a free consultation. Simply fill in the short form and you can discuss estimates, outcomes and other of your concerns with an expert.

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