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Accentuate facial features through chin augmentation

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Accentuate facial features through chin augmentation

If you have all the physical features in proper contour then you must be more than just thankful to the creator. This is because there are many people who happen to have certain physical and in particular facial features which are not very well in shape or in perfect proportion with others. For example, some faces may have nothing wrong but the size of chin may either be too small or too large. Chin augmentation is a procedure which effectively corrects this condition and accentuates other facial features.

All those men and women who are not very happy with shape and size of the chin, the best solution is chin augmentation. It involves contouring of the chin by placing in chin implants, along with surgical manipulation of the jaw bone. The procedure is also known as Mentoplasty and basically focuses on balancing of the face which might have gone out of balance with ‘fleshy’ appearance for the neck. In order to get the best results, people like to have it performed coupled with other surgery types.

When it comes to chin augmentation, the placement of chin implants proves to be a question mark for many. This is because people are of the view that how shape of chin can be improved by inserting something as this may create an uneasy feeling. Actually these implants are made up of Goretex or medical grade silicon and polyethylene considering that they are hardly felt by the skin and chances of chemical reactions are very rare. The choice of shape, size and firmness depends on person undergoing surgery.

This procedure takes 1 to 3 hours to complete but it very much depends up on the complexity of the situation. There can be desirable improvement in overall facial appearance if this surgery is combined with Rhinoplasty and other related procedures for facial improvement. After the surgery, patient will be on liquid food for a week but normal activities can be resumed within a week or so. However, if there have been some other surgeries then it will be good to have 2 to 3 weeks rest.

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