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Best Treatments for Abdominoplasty Scars

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Best Treatments for Abdominoplasty Scars

Abdominoplasty also known as a tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure which is done to achieve a firmer and thinner abdomen. It involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the lower and middle parts of the abdomen.

Abdominoplasty procedures are different and vary in scope. They can be divided into different categories such as partial, complete, extended and several other categories depending on the extent of the surgery. A partial abdominoplasty also known as a mini-tuck can typically take one to two hours to be completed. A complete abdominoplasty can basically take anywhere between one and five hours for the procedure to be completed.

Full recovery from a tummy tuck can take up to six months depending on the type of surgery you had and how you take care of the treated area after the procedure. However it takes a longer time for the tummy tuck scar to be healed, about a year or longer again this depends on how well you take care of it.

Tummy Tuck scarring

The tummy tuck will be prominent within three months after the surgery. In the first few months the scars usually looks purple or reddish and raised albeit slightly but the discoloration clears over time and it flattens. As long as there are no complications this process takes about a year to complete. Although the timeline can vary depending on the skin color and genetic background of the patient.

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Remedies for Abdominoplasty Scarring

  • Avoid the sun and if you cannot avoid it then use sunscreen even on the scared area. This is because ultra violet rays from the sun can change the final outcome of the scar by darkening it further.
  • Do not smoke. Nicotine slows down the healing process of a wound.
  • Use a compression garment as it can ease tension on the incisions thereby reducing the scars appearance.
  • Massage the scars as this helps with the healing process
  • Monitor the scars often and if you notice something out of the ordinary get it checked out by you surgeon as soon as possible.

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision Surgery

  • Laser treatment. This type of treatment targets the damaged scar tissue with high energy light. Several sessions are however needed for optimal results.
  • In this type of treatment the scarred tissue is removed then replaced with skin which has been cut away from a different part of the patient’s body.
  • Scar revision/excision. This involves the removal of the scarred tissue and then the skin edges are closed up.
  • Steroid applications and injections. This type of treatment is at times used during the tummy tuck surgery or about four weeks after the surgery to get rid of the thick, raised scars.
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It is a hard fact that a tummy tuck will leave you with a permanent scar. The bitter truth is that the scar will never fully disappear although it might reduce its appearance.

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