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Abdominoplasty at Time of Birth / Delivery or C-Section

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Abdominoplasty in Dubai

An abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to achieve aesthetic goals of abdominal contouring. Many women might think of undergoing a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) at the time of C-Section so they don’t have to undergo another surgery. It might not be a very good idea because a woman’s abdomen take different shape and size during pregnancy. Your tummy would be looking completely different during pregnancy than how it was before or how it will become after surgery.

Is Abdominoplasty Possible At the Time of Birth?

Yes, abdominoplasty can be performed at the time of birth/C-Section. People may consider undergoing a tummy tuck at the same time to avoid further surgery. However, Caesarean section, itself is a major surgery, you should discuss its feasibility with your surgeon.

A tummy tuck can:

  • Do away with C-section scars.
  • Get rid of abdominal stretch marks.
  • Help you fit into skinny jeans.
  • Even out the tummy by removing excess fat.
  • Restore stretched abdominal muscles.
  • Contour the waist.
  • Tone and strengthen the tummy and waist.


Is It Recommended by Plastic Surgeons?

Most of the plastic surgeons will not recommend a combination of both surgeries. The most significant reason is about the evaluation of the results. Your body changes during pregnancy, the tissues, size and shape of the abdomen will restore after some time. It is a great idea to give your body some time after giving birth so you know how your body looks like and what results you should expect after the surgery.

  • Choosing a reputable surgeon with reconstructive plastic surgery experience.
  • Undergoing a partial abdominoplasty may also be an option for you if you want contoured body right after giving birth. You should understand its aesthetic benefits before making a decision.
  • Ask your surgeon how many tummy tucks he has performed.
  • Explain your goals for the outcome of your tummy tuck.


Are There Any Risks Involved?

If you have decided to undergo an abdominoplasty at the time of C-Section, your surgeon will design the surgery in a way that every step would complement the next. You will have to follow the instructions of your surgeon to reduce the risk of complications. Although, the results of abdominoplasty at the time of birth would not be as effective as the results of abdominoplasty alone. You may experience outward bulging of the tummy. It will not add definition to contours of abdomen and waistline effectively. Risks of undergoing a tummy tuck at the time of delivery or C-section include;

  • Wound infection
  • Wound dehiscence
  • Lower abdominal skin necrosis
  • Excess skin redundancy

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