Ab Etching for Men


Getting abs has never been this easy. Your wish to have chiseled abs like your favourite Hollywood and sports super stars can become a reality now as Ab Etching becomes popular. This is a minimally invasive procedure that reveals a contoured and flat stomach by getting rid of the fat layer on the abdominal muscles. Here we will discuss how ab etching is a beneficial procedure for men by discussing a scenario as an example.


Thomas Stevens just turned 45 years old. He loves sports and goes to the gym five times a week. He practically has defined muscles on him arms, legs, thighs and other areas apart from his mid-section. “Getting rid” – as he refers to it – of his bulging tummy has become a big challenge for him. Regardless of how hard he trains, he cannot lose a single inch from his tummy. This problem has become very frustrating for him because he doesn’t know any other way to achieve a more defined and contoured abdomen.


There is a procedure known as Ab Etching that can be the best solution to Thomas problem. This technique is minimally invasive and basically gets rid of fat covering the stomach, leaving more chiseled and defined abdominal muscles.

Since everyone has abdominal muscles albeit some are covered by fat, the cosmetic surgeon outlines these muscles that guide him/her during the procedure. Local anaesthesia is used and small incisions are made through the belly button, to make the scars less visible.

A small tube is then inserted through these incisions on the naval. The excess fat is removed and abs are contoured at the same time. The procedure takes almost one to three hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed.

Candidate for Ab Chiseling

A washboard stomach is like the pinnacle of the male physique and anyone should have a choice of either having one or not, depending on their circumstances in life. Suitable candidates for Ab Etching include:

  • Someone with a few extra pounds around the midriff and dire need to lose them.
  • Someone who has had a Tummy tuck procedure or liposuction, and desires a six pack.
  • A person whose underlying tummy muscles are well-toned and by removing the fat, they will be well-outlined too.


After the Ab Etching procedure, the patient will have to take it easy, as well as change a few habits. These include ;

  • Wearing a compression garment throughout, except when taking a shower.
  • Limiting the amount of exercise until full recovery.
  • Not putting excess pressure on your abdominal area.

Since there is an amount of swelling and bruising after the surgery, so proper medication to manage the pain should also be considered. Diet is also very important, if you want the results of your Ab Etching to last longer. It can take up to six months for the final results to appear. This is also an ample amount of time for the body to heal itself.

A point to note: while having Ab Etching, you might consider coupling it with other procedures like fat grafting and liposuction. This can be advantageous because the fat from your abdomen can easily be transferred to other areas like your buttocks, to give them a more toned and defined look.


In short, ab etching is an amazing procedure that can transform your belly and gives you chiseled abs. All men who are struggling to get rid of their stubborn belly fat can opt for the procedure. For this purpose, you can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic because we offer ab etching treatment to all our patients. You can book an appointment with our highly qualified surgeons by filling in the form given below and you will be given free initial consultation.