A Process of Surgery Which Helps in Enhancing the Look of the Breasts

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Look of the Breasts

Most of the women are obsessed with bigger breasts and fuller bust line. This is because bigger breasts are considered the sign of femininity in our society. Adding to this, well-shaped and large breasts also enhance your body contours resulting in more attractive and beautiful physical appearance. Perhaps this is the reason that most of the women having smaller breasts desire to enhance their size and shape. Breast augmentation – one of the types of cosmetic breast surgeries – is the ideal procedure for enhancing the shape and size of breasts.

Breast augmentation is among top five most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures. Mostly, it is done by placing implants in the breasts but fat transfer breast augmentation is also its type. This procedure is most commonly performed to increase the size of small breasts or to restore the volume that have lost because of aging, pregnancy or significant weight reduction. You can be a good candidate for breast augmentation – clinically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty – if.

  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations with outcomes of surgery
  • Your breasts are fully developed
  • Your breasts are either naturally small or have lost volume because of aging, weight loss and pregnancy
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical

Breast augmentation surgery can give you following benefits.

  • Increased projection and fullness of breasts
  • Improved balance of your figure
  • Enhanced self-image and confidence
  • More womanly figure
  • Better fitting in your favorite clothes
  • Improved symmetry of your breasts

Breast augmentation surgery is an invasive surgery performed under general anesthesia. The first step of the procedure is administering medications and general anesthesia is used for this purpose. However, intravenous sedation is also an option. Then incisions are made in the suitable site depending on your requirement. Then your surgeon will insert breast implants in the pockets made in the breasts. Implants can be made either between breast tissues and pectoral muscles or beneath pectoral muscles. Incisions are closed using sutures after insertion if implants.

In fat transfer breast augmentation surgery, your own body fat is injected in your breasts to increase their volume. Fat is mostly taken from the areas having more amount of fat like abdomen and thighs. The procedure of liposuction is used to extract this fat. This surgery is less invasive as compared to breast augmentation using implants because extremely small incisions are made in this procedure. Average recovery period of this surgery is about two weeks. Bruising, swelling, tenderness and numbness in the breasts are some common and temporary side effects of breast augmentation surgery.

In short, breast augmentation surgery is highly effective procedure for enhancing the look of your breasts.

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