A Number of Options You Can Use to Stop Sweaty Hands

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Stop Sweaty Hands

Excessive sweating in the palms of hands is extremely embarrassing, annoying and confidence-wrecking problem. From slippery handshakes to ruined paper work, sweaty hands can have negative impact on your social life, your career, your education, in fact every aspect of your life. But fortunately, the good news is that there are various treatment options available for the treatment of sweaty palms. You can go for the best suitable one. Below given are the treatment options for excessively sweating hands.

The first option that is used to cope with the problem of sweaty hands is the use of over the counter antiperspirants. Though antiperspirants are generally considered for underarms sweating only, they are an effective option for palmar hyperhidrosis. Antiperspirants are topical non-invasive products and vary depending on their strengths. They are suitable for mild sweating and should be used regularly for this purpose.

If antiperspirants don’t give you relief for your problem, you can switch to Iontophoresis treatment and for this, you need to select highly experienced practitioner. In the procedure, a device uses pans of water to conduct low voltage electric current through the surface of the skin. It is not known yet how this procedure works but it is a belief that current and minerals in the water thicken the outer layer of palms skin and block the flow of sweat. The procedure gives immediate results but is painful.

The last option that is considered the most effective one is botox treatment. Botox treatment is very famous in the field of cosmetic surgery for the eradication of expression lines and wrinkles and is also effective for numerous other medical conditions. In the procedure, small amount of botox is injected in the few sites of palms with the help of fine needles. The treatment is highly effective and reduces sweating to nearly 80 percent but the results last for several months. After the outcomes of previous treatment are gone, you can get the treatment again. It causes no serious side effects except slight pain and swelling that can be overcome through icing.

The only thing you need to have a highly successful botox treatment for sweaty palms is to seek an experienced practitioner. Generally, botox treatments are quite famous and available at reasonable prices in UAE.

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