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8 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Only Tell Their Friends

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Cosmetic Surgery has taken the beauty world by storm. Whether it’s the alluring glamour of celebrities or simply the urge to look more beautiful by a common man, it has something in store for everyone. The plastic surgeons today are no less than magicians. But, as most of us know that plastic surgeons have some insider secrets that they don’t tell anyone, well, maybe their very close friends.

Forewarned is forearmed… Here are a few secrets, straight from the plastic surgeons themselves.

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Key to good plastic surgery lies in the head

People assume that a successful plastic surgery is based on the technical ability of a surgeon. Well, some portion of it definitely depends on the technical ability but most part of a successful surgery can be attributed to planning and decision-making process. Beautiful execution of a poor choice does not yield a satisfied patient. Hence, it is important to invest some time in the choice of a treatment and then plan accordingly.

Unhappy patients keep plastic surgeons up at night

With there are a number of wonderful patients who constantly thank the surgeons for what they have done for them. But, there are a few who are not happy with the results. And that can certainly cause emotional stress for a surgeon. But, this is a part of the cosmetic industry. Despite all the efforts of your surgeon to ensure a patient gets what he expects, they cannot make everyone happy all the time.

Secret to looking young lies in prevention

Almost anyone who looks younger than their age will tell you this; take care of your skin while you are young and you’ll look younger when you are older.  Doing this is simple but not easy. You must apply 30+ SPF daily, shouldn’t smoke or drink, try to have a healthy diet and establish a skin care regimen that works well for your skin type. If you follow these steps, you will not need a facelift until you are 50. If you struggle with damaged skin, you can go for non-invasive treatment to reverse the damage such as chemical peels and lasers. It will help you save money in the long run and help you look fabulous.

Bigger Implants are not always better

The Shape and technique of the implants are what matters and not necessarily the size. You might want huge boobs right now but who knows, 5 years down the row, you might want them to look natural. So, it’s better to go for implants that look natural. And, if you want them to be bigger, you can always go back and do so.

A tummy tuck requires upkeep, not just a scalpel

A tummy tuck is a very common procedure that helps to flatten out your tummy.  However, if you think that you can undergo this procedure and eat like a maniac for the rest of your life, it won’t work. You will have to follow a healthy diet and light exercise to maintain the results of the treatment.

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Kybella is not always the answer

You might have a drooping or sagging double chin and neck due to fat, genetics, sagging skin or any other reason.  Most people think that Kybella is the ultimate cure for achieving a perfectly sculpted jawline. However, it’s not the case despite being a non-invasive and relatively cost-effective. The surgeon will determine the underlying cause and then will suggest you a suitable treatment.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, you get what you pay for

With most buying decisions there’s cost, service and quality to take into consideration. Most probably, you will not get the quality service if you are paying an extremely low fee. Just look out for other factors as well and then the cost. If you find a happy medium between cost and quality, by all means, go for it

Experience and results matter while selecting a cosmetic surgeon

All plastic surgeons and practices are not created equal. You need to pay close attention to details such as experience and skills of the surgeon, a number of satisfied and happy clients a clinic has and then make the final decision.

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