5 Types of Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

The face is the most prominent part of our body and at the same time, it is the first one to get aging signs. The aging signs that appear on the facial skin include sagginess, the appearance of wrinkles and loss of volume. Nobody can deny the appearance of these aging signs and there is no way to avoid these signs but fortunately, there are various treatments available to combat aging signs on the skin. Facelift surgery is the surgery that removes all the aging signs that appear on the skin and gives tightened and youthful skin. This procedure is also suitable for older people having age of sixty or above. There are several kinds of facelift procedure and the best suitable one is selected depending on your aesthetic goals and preferences regarding downtime and recovery period. Generally, these types vary depending on the type of incisions, area of face targeted, a number of tissue layers treated and the degree of invasiveness.

Here you will come to know about all these types in detail.

What is Facelift?

Previously skin only facelift was introduced, which was a less invasive procedure but did not offer the best aesthetic results. In this procedure, the surgeon cuts the skin and pulls it back to tighten it. The development of new techniques for the procedure offered alterations in the tissues and muscles and made the procedure more effective. With continuous advancements, several types of facelift procedures have been introduced.

Types of Facelift Surgery

Some of the types of facelift surgery are given below.

Full or Traditional Facelift

The full or traditional facelift is also suitable for the people who are in their fifties or sixties. The procedure slows down the aging process and makes you ten years younger than you really are. A full facelift is the most comprehensive type of facelift and addresses multiple signs of aging including sagginess, loss of volume in cheeks and jowls, the appearance of creases, excess fat and loose neck. It treats all the facial areas from forehead to neck and gives the most effective and permanent results among all the facelift surgeries. The incisions for this procedure are at the temples extending along the curve of ear and back to the nape of the neck in hair. The initial recovery period required for the procedure is nearly two weeks. However, the swelling and bruising go in a few months.

Deep Plane Facelift

Deep plane facelift – also known as SMAS (Sub-Muscular Aponeurotic System) facelift – is the procedure that is suitable for people who are in their forties. During this procedure, unimportant fat pads are removed, muscles are tightened, toned and excess skin is removed. The procedure pulls up all the parts of the lower face, tightens saggy cheeks, flattens nose to mouth lines, reduces jowls and tightens neck. This gives a natural-looking and smooth appearance to the face. It is a complicated procedure but risks of scarring and bleeding are less.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is a less invasive procedure and is suitable for people having age in thirties or forties. This procedure can’t address all the signs of aging and is suitable for those who want to treat jowls. It improves the appearance of the neck and jawline. The procedure is less invasive and has fewer chances of scarring but can’t correct all the signs of aging.

Mid Facelift

This type of facelift surgery treats the middle area of the face and improves the appearance of cheeks. The incisions are made in the hairline and inside the mouth for this procedure. A layer of fat on the cheekbones is re-positioned that lifts saggy cheeks and improves the lines from nose to mouth. This procedure provides slight freshening up to the face and requires minimal downtime causing minimum risks.

S Lift

S lift is a hidden scar surgical procedure and is suitable for younger and middle-aged people. This procedure is designed to enhance jowls and neck by tightening the muscles and skin of cheeks, chin and neck. In this procedure, a special aesthetic solution is used to gently lift the skin which is injected into the area near ears. This procedure requires nearly four to five days for complete recovery and some people choose to return to their routine immediately after the surgery.


In short, a Facelift procedure is the most beneficial technique to get rid of aging signs. Different techniques have now been introduced to remove the sagging skin and wrinkles efficiently for people of all age groups. If you are interested in any of the facelift surgery procedures mentioned above then fill in the form given below and we will book your appointment with our cosmetic surgeons for a free consultation.