2015 Trends in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in UAE Dubai

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2015 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

UAE Dubai – known for its celebration of over the top luxury and glamour – is racing ahead to dominate the plastic surgery market of Middle East. It has plans of attracting half a million of medical tourists in next six years. Cosmopolitan Beirut was once the region’s best known place for going under the knife but violence in Lebanon and turmoil in Syria has driven away the wealthy Arab tourists. After the progress in medical infrastructure over last several years, Dubai is already in the list of top places famous for medical tourism but new trends in cosmetic surgery are making it more popular. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is gaining continuous popularity in Dubai for the last few years but experts are expecting increase in the demand of cosmetic surgery in 2015. Here we will discuss the cosmetic and plastic surgery trends predicted by experts for the year of 2015.

A number of cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enhancements, Brazilian butt lifts and several other cosmetic surgery procedures are the cosmetic surgery trends expected to be the part of 2015. Experts say that there will be significant rise in the demand of these aesthetic procedures for next year also.

According to many plastic surgeons, one of the new trends in United Arab Emirates is the procedure of breast augmentation surgery that combines breast implants and fat grafting. This procedure helps in increasing the projection of breasts that reduces the unnatural look of cleavage. About 80 percent of the women who undergo breast augmentation surgery have breast implants beneath the pectoral muscles.

Trend of undergoing more than one cosmetic surgery procedures in one session is also becoming popular and rise is expected for coming year. Most of the women do not undergo the procedure of tummy tuck alone rather consider the procedures of breast lift, thigh lift, and liposuction also in combination with it. With increased knowledge about safety of cosmetic surgeries, undergoing multiple surgeries in one session is becoming common.

According to some plastic surgeons, patients will seek more advanced procedures with faster recovery in next year. People don’t have the luxury of longer time for recovery after major plastic surgeries. In simple, the concept of having “less is more” look will be more common.

Some of the procedures are over taking more traditional ones like nose surgeries are more commonly performed using open techniques that allow greater accuracy. In case of breast augmentation, surgeons and patients prefer fat grafting on traditional silicone implants.

If we talk about anti-aging treatments, ultherapy – procedure that uses ultrasound to tighten the sagging skin –is the latest trend and rise is in its demand is expected in 2015. When it comes to surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, thread lifts and fat grafting – minimal invasive procedures – are taking place of traditional face lift surgery. Similarly, vaser and ultrasound liposuction techniques are new trends in body contouring procedures, which are becoming continuously popular.

As for men, they are becoming more conscious of their appearances, with more seeking cosmetic surgery procedures. Male breast reduction surgery – also known as gynaecomastia surgery – is one of the most commonly performed surgery in men in UAE Dubai.

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