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Lifetime of Healthy Breasts

There are many women who worry about their small, large or sagging breasts but one thing that all women wish is having healthy breasts throughout their lives. There are many women who experience significant changes in their breasts in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. For some women, pregnancy and breastfeeding affect their breasts and on the other hand after menopause, the risk of breast cancer increases. Here we will discuss about the changes that woman’s breast can undergo during their life span.

Your breasts in thirties:

Breasts don’t have muscles rather they are made up of fibrous tissue, dense glandular tissue and fatty tissue. Estrogen and some other hormones keep your breasts firm during your thirties. During 30’s, the problems associated with the breasts that women face are often benign and do not cause any damage. The common problems that women can experience in this age are fibrocystic change, breast pain, non-cancerous lumps and cysts. Breast pain can be persistent or infrequent that is caused by periods. Breast pain can be treated by avoiding caffeine and taking medications. Lumps or cysts are not harmful but they may cause pain, so, if you want to get rid of them, surgical removal is the option. Most of the women go through pregnancies and breastfeed their children in their thirties and therefore their breasts become sagging. However, breastfeeding is effective for their health because it reduces chances of breast cancer. It is also important to mention here that breastfeeding is not the only cause behind sagging breasts. It is in fact the swelling of breasts and the shrinkage resulting in sagging skin. Avoiding smoking can help you prevent your breasts from sagginess.

Your breasts in your forties:

In your forties, your breasts’ shape continues to change and after menopause they lose their shape become saggier because at this stage they have more fat and less glandular tissues. Most of the women have cysts – fluid filled sacs – in their 40’s. They can develop in other ages also and are harmless but cause pain. They can be removed by surgery or drainage. In their forties, women may also experience problems associated with milk ducts that increases the chances of breast cancer. So, if you are in your 40’s, you should regularly get mammogram screening that is helpful for diagnosing breast cancer. Below given are the common changes that most of the women experience.

  • Lump in the breast or in armpit
  • Thick tissue in breast or armpit
  • Inverted nipples
  • Nipple discharge or tenderness
  • Itching and changes on the skin
  • Change in the size or shape of breasts

Your breasts in your fifties:

In fifties, often after menopause fat in the breasts increases, they shrink and become even saggier. Breasts become less tender and less firm and in case of appearance of any lump, you should not delay seeing your doctor. Most breast cancers occur in women who are above 50. If you are above 50, keep your weight normal because fat or obese women have more chances of developing breast cancer. However, the good news is that the detection of breast cancer is easy in this age because of less breast density.

In short, breasts undergo many changes throughout the life but it’s up to you how you prevent or treat the problems associated with them.

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