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How to Decide Breast Augmentation Sizes?

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Breast Augmentation Sizes

Breast augmentation is among the top most popular and demanded cosmetic surgery procedures. It is an ideal procedure for those women who have smaller or asymmetrical breasts. It improves the size and contours of breasts that have lost their shape and volume because of aging, pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure that involves making incisions through which implants are placed in the breasts.

While planning for the surgery a lot of questions come in mind that is important to discuss with the surgeon during consultation. Though most of the women do not give much importance to this issue but determining the size of implants is one of the most important issues that need your consideration. There are a number of types of breast implants and plastic surgeon can better guide you about how to select the most appropriate for you. Here we will discuss some general factors that should be considered in this matter.

Because all the women are not same, their breasts also take many shapes and sizes and the expectations for breast augmentation are also different, various types of breast implants are available. The type of breast implant that is suitable for one patient may not be suitable for the other but it can greatly affect the results of the procedure. Important considerations regarding selection of implants size include.

  • The patient’s body frame
  • Amount of breast tissues
  • Technique used for surgery
  • Placement of breast implants

Now let’s have a look on the factors that you need to consider while selecting the size of breast implants. The first thing is the shape of breast implants and the second one is the profile of implant. Besides these factors, breast implants also vary depending on the type surfaces. Implants are available in both smooth and textured surfaces.

Breast implant shapes

The shape of breast implant refers to its actual shape. Implants are available in two shapes that are round and tear drop shape. The most commonly used shape is round and it is available with both wider bases and narrow bases with more projection. On the other hand tear drop implants have more projection and are suitable for those women who desire to have projection in the breasts.

Breast implant profiles

On the basis of profiles, breast implants are divided into three general types – low profile, moderate profile and high profile. Low profile implants are wider and flatter having less projection. Moderate profile implants are wider and have a bit more projection than low profile. When it comes to high profile implants, they have more projection but base is narrow. They are suitable for those women who have narrow chest frame.

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