How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size?

Breast Implant

When it comes to choosing the right breast implant size, there are multiple factors that are considered. Although many people tend to think that their bra size determines the breast implant size, this, in reality, is not right. Bra sizes are usually measured in A, B, C, D, E going upwards while breast implant sizes are measured in CCs.

Breast Implant Size

CC stands for cubic centimeters which are used to measure breast implants size such as 400 CC and so on. Breast implants come in various sizes from about 80 CC to 800 CC. The base width also varies from around 7.4 cm to 17.2 cm. The higher the number of cubic centimeters the bigger the breast implant size.

For every 150 to 200 ccs the breast size usually increases about one to one and a half cup size. This can vary depending on the bra manufacturer and the specific measurements. Not every woman’s body type and breasts are able to handle implants that are higher up on the scale. Factors to consider include the width of the natural breasts desired size and characteristics of the chest wall, tissue, and breasts. These factors help in determining the ideal size of the implant so as to create the desired shape, fullness, and profile.

Ways to Measure Implant Size

There are three ways to figure out your implant size for breast augmentation. These are;

  • The rice test
  • The water test
  • In-clinic sizers

The rice test and the water test can be done at home.

The Rice Test

The rice test is quite common when it comes to determining the implant size. To do the test, take a pair of old pantyhose and cut off a 12’’ strip. Avoid using the foot part. Tie a knot at the bottom end then measure and pour the preferred amount of uncooked rice into the pantyhose. After that tie the top end of the pantyhose and place it inside your bra over the breasts. Do this twice, one for each bra cup, and look in the mirror to see how you look. 

The Water Test

The water test is almost similar to the rice test but instead of using pantyhose and rice, a plastic bag and water poured from a measuring cup are used.

While doing this test you should try on different tops and dresses over the ‘new’ breasts so as to see how you would look.

In-Clinic Sizers

Determining your breast implant size at a clinic is the best way to do it. At the clinic, you are offered a range of implant sizes which are basically real implants to put into your bra. At the clinic, the doctor will be right beside you and he or she will be able to answer all the questions that you might have. You can also bring in a partner or friend during the sizing session to help you out. Also, remember to carry the bra that you are hoping to wear so as to have space for the sizers.


Computer imaging technology is used to help the patients in this process. Pictures of your breasts are usually taken and VECTRA which is a computer program shows how you would look with various breast implant sizes. To be the right candidate for breast augmentation you should be a healthy person, know what you want, and communicate effectively with the doctor. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, you can find out the size of your implants for breast surgery by booking an appointment online.