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Breast Reduction in Dubai

Breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the size of a person’s breast by removing excess fat tissues and skin from the breasts of a person. Breast reduction is either done to ease the discomfort that usually happens due to large breasts or makes breast size match with the rest of the body’s proportion.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers all type of breast reductions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Breast reduction also helps women fit into many types of swimsuits and dresses. With breast reduction, women are able to participate in more activities and the reduction also boost their morale as well as self-confidence.

Breast reduction techniques

There are a couple of techniques used for breast reduction. The two main scars produced during this these techniques are vertical scars and horizontal scars. The vertical scars are visible on the breast while the horizontal scars can be easily hidden under the folds of breasts.

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Horizontal breast reduction

Horizontal breast reduction technique can be used to avoid the vertical scar. The scars produced by this technique can be easily hidden unlike the vertical scar and T scar methods which creates a vertical scar. The horizontal scar is so effective that it almost seems invisible after the treatment. In this technique, the incision point is between the area where breast and skin meet with each other.

The scar produced during horizontal breast reduction is so well hidden under the breast that it can only be seen after the breasts are lifted. The scars in this technique are stainless which makes the breasts more pleasing aesthetically and the shape of the areola is more round in this technique.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this technique which are following

  1. Scars made on the wall of chests can extend more than inverted T pattern breast reduction.
  2. The projection of breast is also a little shaky after the procedure but that is not noticeable and only experts can tell the difference. The breast appears a little square and plain in appearance.
  3. This technique is not suited for everyone and usually works on patients who breast are a little shaggy.

This procedure is not so popular due to the false notion of lack of projection associated with this procedure. However, the advantages of this procedure are quite evident such as no vertical scar and rounder shape of the areola.

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