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Breast Reduction in Dubai

Breast Reduction

It is always said that big breasts are signs of beauty but that’s not always the case. Beautiful breasts have perfect contour, shape, and balance. Surgery performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon can greatly improve a person’s breasts shape through breast reduction techniques.

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Breasts in breast reduction surgery are usually altered according to the needs and wants of patients.

Types of breast reduction techniques

There are several different techniques used for breast reduction. The technique adopted for breast reduction depends upon the amount of reduction a person desires, the composition of a patient’s breast, the condition of breasts, patient’s breast structure, the tissues patient needs removing and the outcome that patient hope to achieve, patient’s choice of preference and the advice given by surgeon.


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Breast reduction through Liposuction

In some cases, breast reduction treatment can be done by using only the liposuction.

This is the most desired type of surgery. The procedure takes short time to complete, it is convenient, Leave almost invisible scars and it has results that last for a long time but there is a catch. This type of treatment only works on certain types of patients. The Candidates best suited for this type of breast reduction are women who want a little breast reduction, Need little sagging to correct or not at all, people who have good elasticity of skin and whose breasts size is large due to excessive fat tissue.

It is off the table for the people who don’t have these characteristics however there are other procedures which are good for the people who got different characteristics of breasts.


Benelli or donut breast reduction

It is for the people whose breasts are only slightly bigger. As the name clearly suggests it creates a donut-like incision around the areola. Due to this it only creates one scar which is camouflaged by the dark area of the areola.

However, the technique is not suitable for women with heavy and larger breasts. If the procedure is done on women with large and heavy breasts then the areola of that woman would become flat and stretched. This deformity the breast would get unattractive instead of attractive. Due to the fact that there is no second incision involved in the process, there is not a big chance to access the breast tissue and there is a chance that the procedure might lead to deformation of breasts. Only a small amount of woman qualify for this technique.


Anchor or Inverted-T breast reduction

Anchor or Inverted-T breast reduction is the most common type of breast reduction technique because in this treatment skin can easily be handled and can easily be moved. This type of breast reduction involves three incisions on the body. One incision at the side of the areola, a vertical incision is made from the areola to the folds of breasts. One incision is made underneath the breasts along the folds of breasts. This technique which removes more breast tissue than any other technique. Due to this fact, cosmetic surgeons use this technique for reshaping of breasts. If the patients require a high amount of breast reduction and have sagging breasts with a high amount of irregularity that needs correction.

The scars made by this type of breast reduction are located below the nipples with an extra scar beneath the breasts which is considered its major downfall. However, the scar can be easily concealed due to its location and with proper care, the scar could disappear in a year or two.


Lollipop or Vertical breast reduction.

This type of treatment is best for women who need medium breasts reduction. This is the second most common type of technique used for breast reduction. This type of treatment is best suited for patients who have a noticeable sagged breasts. In this type of breast reduction, two incisions are made. One incision is made around the areola while the second incision is made vertically from the areola to the inframammary crease. These incisions make a shape of lollipop which is the reason that is called Lollipop breast reduction. This pattern allows the surgeon to lift the breast in more suitable position while at the same time removing excess skin, fat and breast tissue and also allow the surgeon to internally reshape the breasts in a smaller size.

This type of surgery leaves scars on the breasts but they are located below the nipple and can be easily be concealed using a bra.


What to do

If you are thinking “Is breast reduction worth it?” then the answer is Yes! It is defiantly worth it. People who went under the surgery have reported that after the treatment their life has improved in many ways. They now take part in the activities that they avoided in the past and can wear any clothes they desire. They also reported that their emotional discomfort has been replaced by self-confidence.

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