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Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery is a surgery used to enlarge the size of breasts.

If you are looking for Breast Augmentation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi then Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is a place where you can make your dreams come true.


Recovery time

The recovery time for breast Augmentation surgery is slow and takes a couple of weeks and everyone’s recovery time is different. It varies from person to person. In the first week, patients are expected to avoid complete physical activity. The downtime and full recovery mostly depend upon the location of incisions and the size of the implant.


Closely after the recovery

Immediately after the surgery, the patient will feel a little discomfort, however, this pain could be subsided using painkillers but keep in mind that the surgeon will recommend medication. Bruising, Nausea and Swelling might also occur.

The movement of the patient arm will be restrained and restricted in the first one to two days after the treatment. The patients must make sure that she has easily removable shirts during the first couple of weeks while recovering.

During this time patient will be required to refrain themselves from any physical activity. Ingestion of Alcohol, Smoking, and any blood thinner should be avoided.

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Second day to the Tenth day of the recovery

The patient would be required and would be instructed to start the displace exercise. Patients who go under sub muscular implants are usually instructed to do this exercise in order to prevent any complications.

After two days the patient would be allowed to drive if the patient isn’t taking any painkiller that could dull her senses. The patient would be instructed to visit her doctor one to two times during ten days of her recovery.


During the eleven to fifteen days after the recovery

Most patients are expected to go back to light activities during this time. If the doctor approves then the patient can return to lower body exercise after two weeks. After two weeks the doctor would tell you to return back to your normal work.

However, patients are still instructed to avoid heavy lifting and refrain themselves from any tiresome activity because the breast needs to heal in this phase of recovery.


During fourteen to twenty-one day after the recovery

The Surgeon would most likely recommend the patient to go on with her displacement exercise during this time. During this period patients would be instructed to go back to their normal activities gradually. Most doctors suggest that the patient should restrict themselves from upper body exercises such as chin-ups, pushups and weight lifting.


One month after the recovery

After a month the patients would be able to see the result of their treatment. The patents breasts will start to go to their normal position and would not require any medications to subside the pain during this period.

Patients would be able to return to their normal routine by wearing support and sports bra. The doctor will now give permission to the patient to start her upper body exercise a month after the treatment. Running would likely resume after six weeks.


A couple of months after the treatment

The patient can now see the end result of their surgery. Three months after the surgery the doctor will give permission to the patient to resume to heavy weight lifting and all the tough exercise of the upper body.

The scar tissue will start to heal during this time and would gradually start to match with the body and if the scars have properly cared for they would disappear in two years.

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