5 Tips for Beautiful Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Results

Breast Augmentation Results

Women having fuller breasts feel more feminine and beautiful compared to those who have smaller breasts. Unfortunately, all the women don’t have the desired shape and size of breasts. Due to this, women with naturally small or sagging breasts caused by aging, pregnancy, and significant weight loss consider breast augmentation procedure as an effective solution. Undoubtedly, Autologous Fat Transfer or AFT breast augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that can produce as beautiful results as you want.

Fat transfer breast augmentation involves using your body fat for enhancing your breasts. This procedure is also used for improving the symmetry of breasts and the results of breast implant surgery. Using fat transfer, combined with different types of breast implants, reduces the chances of rippling and uneven results. Fat transfer breast augmentation is undoubtedly an effective procedure, but following specific important tips can ensure beautiful results.

Tips for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

If you plan to undergo fat transfer breast augmentation, keep the following five tips in your mind.

Select an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Selecting a well-trained and skilled breast surgeon is the most crucial step for ensuring the surgery’s best possible outcomes. So, if you want to have beautiful and even results from fat transfer breast augmentation, you need to seek an experienced surgeon. Look into your surgeon’s background, credentials, and experience. It would be best if you also checked the reviews and before and after photos of his patients.

Have Realistic Expectations with the Procedure

Fat transfer breast augmentation gives natural-looking and even results, but it is important to maintain realistic expectations with surgery. Furthermore, it is also essential to know that the procedure’s effects are limited, and it can’t provide breasts as large as breast implants can. Greater fullness is possible if the patient has adequate donor fat tissues. It will not be wrong to say that fat transfer breast augmentation effectively enhances your breasts but don’t expect dramatic results.

Ensure Candidacy

Before you go under the knife, you must ensure your candidacy for the procedure because everyone is not right for it. Typically, those women who want to have a slight to moderate increase in the size of breasts are good candidates. Furthermore, as fat is removed from the body in this procedure, slim women are not good candidates for AFT breast augmentation.

Know the Pros and Cons of Surgery

Before having surgery, you must also be well aware of the pros and cons of surgery. Knowing about the procedure’s benefits is quite common, but often women don’t consider the risks or complications associated with it. So, during your consultation with the plastic surgeon, it is essential to discuss all the risks and complications so that you can take appropriate steps to avoid them.

Follow Pre- and Post-Surgical Instructions

Following the surgeon’s instructions is very important to get successful results and make recovery quick and comfortable. The surgeon will prescribe medications and give some instructions to follow before and after surgery. These instructions may include making changes in your routine and tasks.

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