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Tummy Tuck in Dubai

Tummy Tuck Admoniplasty

Are you looking for a permanent solution to that sagging mid-section of your body that makes your figure excessively disproportionate?

This condition often results from multiple pregnancies, significant weight loss or simply from aging. Or may be you developed this sag after having a hernia removed. But it may as well have genetic origin.

Fortunately, it absolutely does not matter what caused those hanging skin folds in the first place. The important thing and the good news is you can now get rid of those loose lumps of unwelcome mass as well as of its unsightly look for good by subscribing to our all-in-one body sculpting and contouring package that includes tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) as one of its major component or just tummy tuck surgery by itself.

While tummy tuck procedure is specially designed to address hanging skin folds seen with normal aging or after weight loss or pregnancy, it also assists in body sculpturing or contouring and that’s why we have packaged it for those who want a full body makeover.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed personally by American board certified and established plastic surgeons at our practice network “Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinics” that has presence both in UAE (Dubai) and all over Pakistan. We are offering the best quality standard surgery of tummy tuck in Dubai.

Today a tummy tuck procedure is seen as the most reliable procedure available that creates a firmer, flatter abdomen effectively eliminating all the unwelcome deformities in the mid section of the patient’s body. A tummy tuck removes all the sags in your abdominal skin, tightens all your weakened and stretched muscles with any stretch marks gone for ever,and if you opt additionally for a liposuction procedure, dissolves all the troubling fat deposits in your abdomen. Liposuction procedure is also performed in our clinic with the tummy tuck in Dubai.

A tummy tuck can be performed in a highly personalized manner. Our surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinics have perfected their expertise in performing tummy tuck in several variations fitting it exactly with the patient’s situation and her desires.

If it is just the loose skin that you intend to get rid of, for instance, our plastic surgeons will perform a “skin only” tummy tuck surgery leaving your muscles intact and any fat deposits untouched.

On the other hand if multiple pregnancies have left you with a roll of extra skin and bulged up muscles, you may be recommended a ‘mini tummy tuck’ in which just a small incision along your bikini line is all that is needed to tighten the muscles, lower your belly button, and remove the extra skin.

Again, if excess fat is what bothers you, you can ask for a liposuction in conjunction with a tummy tuck.

Finally, a more sophisticated procedure known as ‘endoscopic tummy tuck’ may be performed if you have weakened ab muscles but no loose skin sagging.

Visit our practice with the confidence that the doctors at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinics are keen to tell you and do what is best for you. We are providing the best quality service for cosmetic surgery procedures like tummy tuck in Dubai.

Contact us today to book your free consultation session where one of our American board certified cosmetic surgeons will personally examine your situation and inform you on your options.