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Oxygen Facial in Dubai


The increase in popularity of high definition television has led to more and more celebrities being worried about how their skin looks on the big screen. Ordinary people are also becoming more conscious and have the same concerns because high definition cameras have also become a part of their daily lives. Madonna was the first celebrity to have gotten this treatment done and was consequently followed by, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman and a host of other TV stars.

Do you also wish to jump on the oxygen facial beauty bandwagon? Oxygen facials first gained recognition when Madonna sung of its praises on her website after she had had a treatment done. Ever since, oxygen facials have become the hottest commodity at many day spas and cosmetic surgery clinics. They are also very economical. Oxygen facial in Dubai is a very convenient and reasonable approach to oxygenated beauty which is being opted for by many women across the globe. The magical ingredient O2 is responsible for the great results.


How it works:

Oxygen makes your skin smoother and softer. We all need oxygen for survival. Oxygen is what revives and replenishes the cells in the human body. However, due to pollution in our environment today the amount of oxygen has been reduced greatly. It is also a fact that with aging oxygen fails to be transported as efficiently to our skin cells, which is why aging process takes place in the first place. As a result one has thinner skin and wrinkles and age spots become visible. An oxygen facial in Dubai will replenish the content of oxygen that is needed by the skin making it more hydrated, plumper and youthful looking.

Oxygen facials:

  • Improve the looks of your skin by renewing skin cells and killing bacteria that leads to acne
  • Make the skin look firmer
  • Reduces dry and irritated skin
  • Eliminates small imperfections that are visible in front of a camera
  • Helps reduce fine lines
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Relieves skin from the effects of daily stress


Once the client is ready to start, a protein solution is put into the machine and he or she is then treated to a pure oxygen mist that is introduced to the top layer of the skin. After that a collagen mask is placed over the face in order to allow the skin to absorb the oxygen even more. After this process, clients are left with rejuvenated, smooth and healthy looking skin. To maintain the beautiful new look, the client must take six more treatments on a weekly basis followed by an indefinite monthly treatment.


Some people have reported immediate results of the oxygen facial that are obvious, which is why celebrities keep getting this treatment. The results of this treatment are temporary, much like those of other types of facials. It is still a great idea to get an appointment for oxygen facial in Dubai if you are getting ready for a big event.


Oxygen facials are viewed as harmless by most. However there can be some complications with their use. Too much use of oxygen can increase the amount of free radicals in your system, which can overtime damange tissue. And inhaling aromatherapy oils means that droplets can collect in the lungs leading t pneumonia. People with certain medical conditions such as emphysema should stay away from oxygen facials, as it can reportedly cause them to stop breathing altogether.