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They say beauty is only skin deep, but do we need any excuse to explain why every one of us wants to look her very best?

If you’re looking for a reliable, long lasting yet affordable solution for any of skin problems that you (or someone near and dear to you) might have, you’ve come to the right place. The laser skin care department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers the fullest range of skincare services.

As skincare accounts for a vast and ever-evolving segment of the field of cosmetic industry with an overwhelming number and variety of available options, the need to help separate the wheat from the chaff has never been felt more than it is today. This section of our website is, therefore, dedicated to cater to this need.

Please feel free to browse through the linked pages where we have gone all out providing valuable background information, preventative measures, available remedies, their pros and cons and more, on about every major skin problem that is making human life miserable today.

As you will notice while you browse through the pages in this section, the content under each of the topics covers almost any imaginable aspect of the skin problem that is at hand. The main motivation for this has come from our uncompromising policy on disclosure and transparency which is central to our professionalism pledge.

Since this website is to serve our existing clients and prospects in addition to the public in general, an effort is made to equip them with as much background knowledge as may be necessary to assist them in making informed decisions. It is hoped that if they took their time using this site to digest relevant information before their consultation, they would be doing themselves (as well as us) a big favor in many ways.

We are confident that when you are done reading through the pages in this section, you will be better informed to decide where you should start your journey to realizing your dreamed skin.

Good luck!

Acne & Acne Scar Treatment
skincare treatmentAcne is an inflammatory skin disease that often causes chronic anxiety and severe stress in the patient, not to mention the constant cosmetic challenge it accompanies especially for the prime stage of life in males as well as females. Moreover, acne can impair social relations, lower self-confidence, and even lead to unemployment. In teenagers, it has been identified as the number one reason for suicide.However, it should be consoling to note that above…
Anti Aging Treatments
skincare treatmentSubject to the inevitable internal body factors (e.g. changing hormone levels, reduced production of collagen and lowered supply of blood due to weakened or broken capillaries) as the aging skin is, its condition is further worsened by certain environmental influences such as prolonged exposures to the hot sun and cold wind and biological and chemical pollution, not to mention the damages it can undergo on account of unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of exercise and improper diet. The combined result of all these…
Body Treatments
skincare treatmentThe two main factors behind many unsightly body conditions are the skin and fat both of which in turn are under the influence of genetics and inheritance. That is why certain skin and body problems simply cannot be addressed with diet and exercise alone.Fortunately, a wide variety of options are available today for anyone suffering from problems caused by aging, massive weight loss, or a disease or trauma. Applying modern cosmetic procedures today, we…
Chemical Peels
skincare treatmentIf your skin is clogged with dead skin cells that give it dull and dry, lifeless appearance, or if it has started showing aging signs such as age spots , fines lines, is mild sun damaged or freckles, or carries a light degree of scarring, a course of an appropriately formulated chemical peel may be right for you.Chemical peels are the most popular exfoliation method that can effectively remove the dead skin thereby improving its tone.
Dark Circles Around the Eye
skincare treatmentSome people appear to have permanent dark circles around or under their eyes. In most cases these dark circles do not represent a skin disease as such, and the most that one may need to do is to try to mask them with makeup or camouflage them with tinted sunglasses.The appearance of dark circles is primarily due to an extra-normal proliferation of tiny veins that become visible through the thin skin of our eyes. This thinning may in turn be due to natural process of aging…
Green Peels
skincare treatmentThe Green Peels (also known as herbal deep peeling) are an herbal alternative to chemical peels and other light, laser and pressure based skin exfoliation and regeneration methods. The peeling effect is obtained with medically combined pure natural plant extracts but no chemical additives or synthetic peeling agents, hence the name. The herbal ingredients work together without producing toxic side effects or causing injury or damage to the skin – the new fresh skin is not red. Neither do they cause your eyes…
Mesotherapy Treatment
skincare treatmentAgeing skin is characterized by deep lines, ashen appearance and sagging. It develops these signs, besides other factors, due to weakened circulation (which fails to flush out toxins efficiently), reduced levels of hyaluronic acid (which is responsible for maintaining hydration), and diminishing levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals.Mesotherapy is a technique developed to control this abnormal physiological situation. Mesotherapy…
Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound
skincare treatmentSmooth, spotless and glowing skin is by far the sign of healthy skin. Whether it is bothersome blackheads or ashen skin, the practitioners in the laser skincare department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery know exactly what needs to be done. One of the various skin rehabilitation and rejuvenation procedures our practice may recommend after a thorough examination of your skin is microdermabrasion, a non-surgical, safe, and effective, lunch-time procedure that is effective on all skin colors…
Oxygen Facial
skincare treatmentAll women love themselves as the perfect pep up prior to a big event or soirée.While there are several options available, such as the BOTOX® injection, fillers, laser treatments, etc to produce the instant results they need to help put their best face forward on such occasions, most women tend to ask for an oxygen facial these days.Although the science behind oxygen facials is currently clouded with a lot of controversy…
Pigmentation Treatment
skincare treatmentPigmentation or micro-pigmentation treatment, also known as permanent makeup, is a revolutionary solution for many a skin related problem in women. It has uses so many and so varied that almost any woman would consider it for one or another reason.If you are tired of applying makeup on a regular basis because it eats up so much time of your busy days or because you spend much of your time outdoors, then you may want to consider our permanent makeup…
Skin Rejuvenation
skincare treatmentMost people experience common skin problems such as blemishes, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, to name just a few. While those having skin conditions generally do not need, or want, anything more than a direct way to get rid of their specific problems, many are interested in more because they are suffering from a number of skin problems at a time which require a comprehensive treatment plan such as total skin rejuvenation.
Skin Whitening
skincare treatmentFairness fetish predominant in many women has given rise to a large segment of cosmetic industry that has long been producing a bewildering variety of creams, lotions, gets, supplements, tablets etc. allegedly having whitening, lightening or bleaching effects on the skin. Many of the products that claim to bring about fabulous results contain chemical agents that as well have varying degrees of known negative side effects associated with them. Most are for topical application, some are orally administered.

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