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Scar Removal


When wounds heal, they often modify specific factors in the anatomy such as collagen, bone, cartilage and blood vessels. Any combination of these modifications will eventually lead to appearance of skin irregularities called scarring.

Scars may appear as depressions or indentations in the skin. Often, these skin irregularities result from a medical condition such as acne or keloid scars, or from a surgical incision.

Acne scars occur as the skin heals from pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. These scars are indented marks, or raised, red areas. Keloid scars, which appear as firm, raised and reddish-purple scars, result from amassing of collagen (the main protein present in the tissue connecting the skin layers).These scars extend beyond the initial wound area and build over time. Surgical scars on the other hand form as the skin heals after an incision made in the skin during a past surgery and they usually appear like cuts.

Whatever their origin or type, scars may give a very unsightly look especially when they are on the face or other visible areas.

Laser scar removal is a popular procedure in which laser technology is used in an attempt to remove or reduce the appearance of scars. The treatment is successful not only in reducing scars up to 80 percent but also in preventing their recurrence.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinics specializes in using numerous types of lasers for scar treatments. Each of these has unique benefits for scar removal.

All the lasers are safe as they do not burn off the skin surface. They target only the tissue under the skin surface to stimulate the growth of new collagen. That is why the downtime with these lasers is very little.

Our skin care and treatment department is well-known for applying successful integrative approaches and continuing customer care. We, therefore, often use laser scar removal procedure in conjunction with other skin enhancement measures and as a part of your combination treatment program.

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