Radio Frequency Treatment in Dubai

Radio frequency treatment is a cosmetic procedure that aims to tighten and renew the skin back into its youthful glow. This treatment uses an ultrasound technology where the ultrasound waves target all unwanted cells that cause fatty tissues. This will then cause the fat cells to leak into the surrounding tissue which will then be disposed the same way as other body wastes are disposed. After all unwanted fats are excreted by the body; skin tightening will then be possible during radio frequency treatment. This too can improve the collagen production in the body which helps improve the whole aesthetic of the skin. Collagen is a mesh of fibers in the skin that has high quantities of four amino acids, proline, lysine, hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline which can help firm up the skin and reduce the effects of aging.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatment:

  • Reduce excessive fats by melting fatty cells and helping the body excrete through urine, bowel movements and sweating.
  • Contours the body, when fats are gone the body contours back to how it usually has been; mostly for women who wants to have their pre-pregnancy body back.
  • Tightens the skin, when collagen production is maximize with the use of radio frequency, tightening of the skin is very much possible.
  • This treatment can also reduce cellulites by getting rid of fats for cellulites are only caused by too much fatty deposit in the body.
  • It can help reduce wrinkles and skin laxity, improving the skin’s appearance.
  • There are only minimal risks and requires quick recover.
  • This type of treatment is completely non-invasive which means patients does not have to go through various procedures like incisions and stitches.

Most Popular Types of Radio Frequency Treatment:

  • ThermaCool by Thermage is the first ever radio frequency device used for treating wrinkles. This treatment was known to cause a burning sensation in the skin which is why a local anesthesia was very much needed before going through this type of treatment.
  • Accent by Alma Company is a radio frequency device that combines bipolar and monopolar hand piece to produce a huge amount of heat to greater depths.
  • eLaser by Syneron, a radio frequency technology that combines with laser technology that aims for a multiple treatment on the skin. This type of radio frequency treatment is best for tightening skin, hair removal and can also remove skin discolorations like port wine stains which is the appearance of a red birthmarks especially found on the facial region.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Radio Frequency Treatment:

  • Possible appearance of swelling and redness after the radio frequency treatment is the most common side effect.
  • Overheating the tissue through radio frequency can lead to excessive tightening which can result to sunken appearance on certain areas of the face.  This is why choosing the right dermatologist and surgeons to handle this type of treatments speak a huge part to getting non-risky and no side-effect results.

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