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Pigmentation Treatment


Pigmentation occurs in all of us. It is discolouration on the skin in the form of freckles, marks or spots as well as pigmented patches of skin. Most people are likely to want to improve their skin and get rid o of pigmentation. Everyone wants a clear complexion that is free from noticeable flaws and imperfections, whether slight or prominent. People also want to have an even skin tone. The ideal look of beautifu skin is one that is clear with even skin tone. A skin free of blemishes flaunts a natural and healthy radiance Pigmentation treatment in Dubai offers a quick and safe solution to those who desire to have perfect skin.


Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Removal:

During the procedure you will firstly be provided with goggles to protect your eyes. The crystal waveguide will apply pulses of light on the targeted area. The treatment usually produces an immediate whitening/grey abraded appearance to skin’s tissue surface. This happens as a result of microscopic stream bubbles releasing in your skin. The change typically does not last for more than a few minutes and then disappears.

After the whitening of the treated area diminishes, it is common for swelling and erythema and the skin turning red and inflamed for several hours. There will also be temporary pigment changes. Any discomfort is minimal and may be reduced if the area is treated with ice pack compresses.


Pigmentation treatment in Dubai is usually very effective and dramatically reduces the pigmentation within a few treatments only. Several treatments are required for optimum results The results are permanent and highly satisfying to the clients.

Permanent Makeup:

Another treatment for uneven colouring or loss of pigmentation in some areas is application of permanent makeup. This procedure uses tattoo techniques to enhance or recreate features that are not pronounced or have lost their look due to aging. Cosmetic tattooing, as it is sometimes called is frequently used for the face, eyebrows, lashes and lips but can also improve the appearance of scars or uneven colouring of the skin (vitiligo). It can also restore the areola around a woman’s nipple after breast surgery.

  • It is a quick procedure with very little recovery time
  • It gives customized results for clients with different skin tones and colouring
  • It is a good choice for those who have allergies and makeup problems


  • It is a permanent procedure that is difficult to remove once it has been done
  • You are more prone to infection or allergic reaction to pigment
  • Pigments may have interferenceF with cranial MRI scans

Chemical Peel:

Chemical skin peels can greatly improve the appearance of the skin. In this treatment a chemical solution is applied to the skin which makes blister and gradually peel off. The new skin that is exposed is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. This procedure is outpatient, which means there is no overnight stay. The professional will first cleanse your skin in a thorough manner. Then they will apply one or more chemical solutions to small areas of your skin. This will create a controlled wound, allowing new skin to replace it.

Chemical peels for pigmentation treatment in Dubai will:

  • Treat wrinkles caused by exposure to the sun or aging
  • Reduce expression lines around the mouth and under the eyes

Improve the appearance of mild scars

  • Treat mild forms of acne
  • Reduce age spots, dark patches and freckles
  • Improve the appearance and quality of the skin


This is the least invasive procedure pigmentation removal and is effective in dealing with discolouration caused by inflammation. The aim of this procedure is to remove the topmost  layer of dead skin cells, the stratum corneum by applying very tiny rough grains of crystals, diamonds and bristle tips. It is a painless procedure which may take only half an hour, and the recovery time is not very long.

After a consultation with one of our highly qualified and American Board certified cosmetic surgeons, it will be easy to assess which cosmetic procedure for pigmentation removal is the most appropriate for your customized needs and skin type.