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Melasma Treatment in Dubai


Melasma (also known as “mask of pregnancy”) is a skin disorder occurring in some women, which is characterized by appearance of brown spots and uneven colour due to increased pigmentation of the skin. Melasma usually affects the exposed areas of the face. It is more common in women with darker skin tones, and women who are pregnant, or using birth control pills, or on hormone replacement therapy.

While genetics, certain harmones (such as estrogen) and hormonal fluctuations, prolonged sun or heat exposures and inflammation or irritation are generally believed to cause the condition, some people are simply prone to Melasma, that is no matter how they treat Melasma, it simply recurs especially when prolonged sun exposures are not particularly avoided.

Unfortunately, melasma cannot be permanently cured. But it can be successfully controlled using a customized combination treatment plan offered at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinics.

Our treatment plans include the following treatments for melasma reduction and control:

  • hydroquinone (e.g. Eldoquin) and other skin lightening agents such as
  • kojic acid and vitamin C,
  • a series of light chemical peels,
  • azelaic acid,
  • IPL, and
  • Fraxel.

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