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Laser Skin Rejuvenation


Skin rejuvenation involves any procedure, method and approach to improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, scars and age-related discoloration, primarily around the mouth, eyes and other larger areas of the face by artificially removing the outer layer of the skin to allow for new skin layer to form more quickly. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the methods that are used to achieve this.

Traditional methods and approaches such as chemical peels and dermabrasion can also help to do this but the results are not as predictable; neither is the approach as specific.

The wavelength, power, and length of pulse duration of the laser used can be tailored to a particular kind of skin problem and applied to a specific area of the skin selectively for the type and severity of the problem at hand. This is the main secret of the power of laser technology. The technique allows selectively targeting various skin problems at appropriate their levels, and more than one laser may need to be used during a skin resurfacing procedure in order to target various layers of the skin.

Laser based skin rejuvenation is by far the most effective, safe and reliable approach available today. Its wide acceptance as an anti-aging remedy is, therefore, on the rise. The number of laser skin resurfacing procedures performed has more than doubled since its introduction during the last decade.

Contrary to the general perception of lasers as a potentially hazardous phenomenon, medical applications of lasers are highly controlled and harmless. Modern lasers are specially gentler and safer than their predecessors.

With that said, it is helpful to note that lasers may be ablative (such as CO2 and Er:YAG, which aggressively vaporizes the outer skin away by burning it off in just one treatment session, but often result in longer downtimes) or they may be non-ablative, fractional laser (such as Fraxel, which focuses on lower layers of the skin instead to stimulate new collagen growth in a gradual manner and requires multiple, lunchtime treatment sessions).

Our practice runs a full-fledged, laser department which is equipped with a variety of industry standard laser machines, and is duly registered with the ministry of health. The facility is staffed by our dedicated team of experienced and licensed professionals who can help you choose the most appropriate type of laser that can work best for your unique situation, needs, expectations and preferences.

If you, or some one related to you, are considering laser skin rejuvenation, contact us confidently to get your FREE consultation session where you can discuss your options personally with one of our board certified practitioners.