Large Pores in Dubai

It is normal to be self-conscious about your skin if you have visible imperfections such as large pores. Enlarged pores can be a blow to your self-esteem, especially if there are several of them on your face. The face is the most important aspect of overall physical appearance; a beautiful face reflects an overall healthy and beautiful self-image. Visible defects on the face can lead to an unhealthy self image and in turn lowered self esteem. Your skin is one of your most prized assets so it is important for it to look glowing, healthy and free from impairments. While toners and astringents can reduce the size of your pores to a temporary effect, the best method to unclog your large pores is through deep exfoliation. Some of the best treatments for large pores in Dubai include Microdermabrasion, Photofacials and Chemical Peels. The treatments are available at surprisingly reasonable rates.

What causes Large Pores?

  • Your pores contain hair follicles and sweat glands hence they can easily become clogged.
  • If the pores are blocked with oil they will seem enlarged. It is important to keep the clogs clean in order to shrink them.
  • Oil causes large pores so it is good to remember to pay attention to your T-zone, which is the chin, nose and forehead area.
  • When the poors on the skin become clogged wih dirt or oil they appear larger than normal. The skin is constantly exposed to impurities and when such matter is not removed it can block the pores. Skin debris include sweat, dirt, dust, cosmetics and dead skin cells.
  • Your genetics are for the most part responsible for large pores. If any one of your parents had large pores then it is likely that you will have them too.
  • People with thicker skin and overactive oil glands are also likely to develop large pores. Although overactive glands can be viewed as an inconvenience this type of skin actually retains elasticity for a longer time period than small pored skin.
  • Smoking heavily can also lead to enlarged pores
  • Decreased skin elasticity due to aging is another factor that creates large pores. As we age, our skin loses protein collagen and the elasticity that it provides. The areas around the edges of the pores are clogged making them appear larger.
  •  Excessive exposure to the sun can make way for dry, inelastic skin and large pores appear.
  • Another major reason for the emergence of large pores are acne blackheads. When dirt and bacteria block the pores then natural body oils start to accumulate inside which expands the diameter of the pores thus making them seem larger.
  • If genetics are the cause of large pores then it is not possible to make them permanently disappear. However, the size of these enlarged pores can be reduced significantly with the help of certain cosmetic procedures.

A suitable skin care regimen can help you minimize the pores. Usually washing the face twice a day with a pore refining cleanser can really help, but if all else fails then cosmetic surgery is the way to go. However, before undergoing any procedure it is important to consult a trained dermatologist or surgeon to make the most well-informed decision.


A facial scrub can help in removing dead skin cells and impurities that clog the pores. The scrubs can be prepared at home with easily available ingredients, or you can go to a facial spa.

Professional facials:

A certified skin can professional can safely provide your facial skin with a thorough, deep cleansing and pore tightening treatment.


Microdermabrasion for large pores in Dubai is a proven and safe procedure for treating minor skin damage. The treatment comprises of an aluminum oxide spray that erases blemishes and unclogs pores. It can be done with a microderm machine that uses crystals to exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin. When your pores are teeming with dead skin and oil the only way to clean them is through deep exfoliation. After the microdermabrasion procedure you will be able to feel the difference on your face immediately. You will feel cleaner and many pounds lighter. The procedure takes about 45 minutes. It is one low-risk treatment options.

IPL Photofacial:

IPL photofacial is a light based solution that helps to shrink your large pores. Medications like Retin-A and some antibiotics can increase the body’s natural skin healing which in turn decreases pore size. Photofacial works for pores in a smiliar manner. Intense pulsed light penetrates through the skin without causing any harm and promotes new collagen growth. The body uses this collagen to heal itself and reduce the enlarged pores. The best part about Photofacial is that the treatment can continue to heal the skin for up to six months after it has been performed. This is a non-invasive procedure that also treats age spots, skin damage and fine lines.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels, if performed well can offer the pores a deeper level of exfoliation than a microdermabrasion treatment. It uses a solution to slough off the uppermost layer of the skin. As the clogged pores and dead skin cells are pulled away healthier skin is encouraged to grow back in its place. While recovery is more intensive than a microdermabrasion the results are even more effective. You can expect to have younger softer looking skin after a chemical peel with noticeably smaller sized pores. Many spas offer a Micropeel which is a combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peel. A microdermabrasion before a chemical peel allows for a deeper permeation of the product into the pores. Chemical peels can also remove black and whiteheads, along with some signs of aging. The recovery time varies according to the intensity of the peel. A downtime of 5 days to three weeks is normally expected. Consult a certified and highly experienced cosmetic professional so you discuss and agree upon the final treatment for large pores in Dubai that will complement your individual needs and expectations from the procedure.