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Freckles and Blemishes


Some people get freckles or skin blemishes that ruin their appearance in quite young age.

Freckles (known as ephilides in the medical community) are small brown marks that appear on the skin particularly the face and other sun-exposed areas. These flat marks are more common, as well as more visible, in people having fair skin. But as freckles are known to be an inherited condition, dark skinned persons are not free from them if their skin is predisposed. Since freckles being an inherited characteristic are just taken over, no preventative measures can help escape them. Another important feature of this condition is its seasonal variation. They are more prominent in summer but fade considerably, and may even disappear altogether, in winter.

Unlike freckles, discoloring of the skin known as skin blemishes can not be traced precisely to a particular cause. The dark spots that are generally referred to as blemishes (sometimes known as hyper-pigmentation) can result from a multiplicity of conditions. They may be a result of acne whiteheads, blackheads, or just old pimples; they may as well occur in the skin as birthmarks which case they are referred to as port-wine stains. Pollution, stress, hormonal changes, and using inappropriate make-up products are yet other factors that can lead to skin blemishes. Finally, existing blemishes can also become worse if they frequently come into contact with irritants like hair or clothing.

If you or someone near and dear to you is suffering from freckles or blemishes, the first best thing we recommend you do is to seek professional help for an accurate diagnosis. Most people risk their skin health and resort to self medication, home recipes or are exhorted by overly marketed cosmetic products only to worsen their conditions before they consider getting professional attention.

Before making such mistakes, or even if you have already made one, contact our skincare department to book your free consultation session with our Laser and Skincare Specialist at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.