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Acne Scar Treatment


Everyone admires smooth, clear and flawless skin. Babies and children have it naturally, but as many people enter into teenage they find themselves struggling with acne problems. Mild forms of acne such as acne vulgaris and in some cases severe acne forms such as cystic acne may plague people well into their 20’s affecting their self-esteem, social as well as personal life. Acne in both cases leaves visible scars on the skin’s surface even long after it has diminished. These scars are indentations on the forehead, cheeks or chin which make the skin look uneven and blotchy.

While some may attempt to conceal acne scars through the clever use of makeup, there is no way that they will disappear from your eye through temporary measures.

Thankfully, acne scar treatment in Dubai has made it possible to relieve you of the pesky scars that have troubled you for so long.

There are mainly two types of acne scars:

  1. Superficial Acne Scars:

    As the name suggests these scars are on the surface of the skin, usually slightly raised and are dry in texture.

  2. Pitted Acne Scars

    These are deeper acne scars that are pitted in the skin and may look like holes or indentations.

Treatments For Acne Scarring:

  • Microdermabrasion

    This is the least invasive procedure of acne scar removal and is effective in dealing with superficial acne scars. The aim of this procedure is to remove the topmost  layer of dead skin cells, the stratum corneum by applying very tiny rough grains of crystals, diamonds and bristle tips. It is a painless procedure which may take only half an hour, and the recovery time is not very long.

  • Chemical Peel

    Another method of acne scar removal is chemical peel. It is very popular among celebrities. This procedure uses a chemical procedure usually an acid to peel away the top layers of the epidermis removing the pitted acne scars and greatly improving the overall texture of the skin.

  • Dermabrasion

    This technique uses a wire brush or a diamond wheel with rough edges to remove the upper layers of the skin. The brush rotates rapidly scraping off and leveling the top layers of the skin. This process wounds the skin causing it to bleed. As the wound heels new skin grows and replaces the damaged skin that was removed during dermabrasion. The new skin is free of acne scarring.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

    Improvements in laser technology have made skin laser treatment more effective and less invasive than before. This procedure directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, removing  skin layer by layer. The two types of lasers commonly used are carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium. Laser treatments work well for both superficial and pitted acne scars.

CO2 Laser Treatment:

The newest version of CO2 uses very short pulsed light energy or continuous light patterns emitted in a scanning pattern to remove thin layers with minimum heat damage. Recovery time can take up to two weeks.

Erbium Laser Treatment:

This is designed to remove surface level and moderately deep scars on the face, hands, neck or chest. There is minimal burning of surrounding tissue and fewer side effects in this procedure.

The best candidate for each acne scar treatment in Dubai varies according to the severity of the scars (for e.g microdermabrasion is preferred for shallow scars) and skin type (for e.g laser treatment is not preferred for darker skin types). An experienced plastic surgeon can recommend the best procedure for each individual client.