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Hair Transplantation FAQs


Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the whole aesthetic of the body parts that should grow hair but some are not too lucky to have. Most common dilemma is balding in the top front and top back of the head for both men and women. Thin hair, hair loss and balding are the main reasons why hair transplantation technique came about. Cosmetic surgeons made sure that these common dilemmas have solutions and have the most natural results. For some who haven’t heard or are not familiar with hair transplantation, here are some of the most frequent asked questions that you should be read by interested and possible patients in the future.

Who are the best candidates for hair transplant procedure?

The best candidates should be healthy individuals that do not suffer from any form of serious illness. Individuals who have been suffering from hair loss for five years and more, any person who has realistic expectations of what could be the possible results and who do not expect for more, anyone who want hair transplant for cosmetic reasons, who has lost an abundant amount of hair due to accidents like trauma and burns and persons who have gone through past cosmetic procedures which has caused them hair loss on areas enhanced are the best most eligible candidates.

Bad candidates for hair transplant procedure:

  • Cancer patients
  • Patients who have serious heart problems
  • Individuals who are taking medications for serious illnesses.
  • Patients with serious mental health.
  • Individuals with staggering physical health.

What are the steps for hair transplantation procedure?

  • Look for the best surgeon that has done numerous hair transplant procedure to be able to compare the results of his work.
  • Search past clients who have gone to the same surgeon and aske for good and bad comments.
  • If the surgeon has high reviews, go and schedule a meeting and interview the surgeon. If both of you believe in the same things and he believes in your goals in getting this procedure then he is the one.
  • Ask the surgeon to schedule your procedure and make sure you do not have important meetins or occasions you have to go to for this procedure can take hours to finish.
  • On the day of the operation, the doctor will have to administer anesthesia, an option for local and general anesthesia will have to be talked about during the meeting prior the day of the scheduled operation.
  • The procedure will be done and will usually last depending on how much hair should be harvested and be transplanted on the problem areas.
  • Incisions will be closed and patients will be prescribed with medication for pain and faster healing process.

How long does the healing period last?

Healing and recovery period lasts depending on what technique of hair transplantation was used. FUE technique usually is the fastest compared to Strip Harvesting for the latter only makes tiny punches for harvesting hair follicles in which it only causes small punctures and wounds this tiny can heal faster compared to making a liner incision on the scalp.

Do hair transplant results look natural?

On an honest note, getting a natural result will always depend on the skills of the surgeon you have chosen to do the procedure. This is why getting a surgeon that has more experience and has been in the field of hair transplant procedure for more than a decade or so is your best bet for the most natural looking results. If you can find the best most experienced surgeon in your place then it will be positive that you will get the most natural hair, even your own hair stylist won’t even notice a thing.