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Macrolane Injection


It’s natural for a woman to wish to have large assets as they signify more desirability. However, not every woman is endowed with them and the conventional method of acquiring large breasts is a breast augmentation surgery or breast implants which is an extensive, expensive and time consuming procedure.
Hence, cosmetic surgeons came up with the revolutionary Macrolane fillers, which are a non-surgical body treatment that helps to shape and enhance the body without the risks of surgery. Macrolane, which is a breast and body-contour filler started in the UK in 2008 by Q-med but now Macrolane Injections in Dubai are an available option at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. It has gained high popularity due to being much less invasive than other surgical enhancement procedures.
Macrolane breast augmentation is also called a “30 minute boob job” because it increases breast size by one cup size through injections that take between 30 to 90 minutes. The results are immediate and the recovery period is very short making it a convenient procedure. However, the results of Macrolane injection is temporary lasting up to a maximum of 2 years.
Women who want an instant fix go in for this treatment and walk out looking more curvaceous and voluptuous. Macrolane has many benefits, some of which are:

  • You can adjust the shape of your body in a natural, nonpermanent way.
  • The procedure is quick and requires no general anesthesia, local anesthesia would do.
  • There is minimal time away from work or daily activities.
  • There is no use of permanent implants or body fat
  • There is no extensive scarring

Some frequently asked questions regarding Macrolane injections are the following:

What is Macrolane?

Macrolane is a gel filler that adds volume to tissues. It is used for enhancing body contours such as breasts, buttocks or for filling deformities such as scars. It provides immediate and long-lasting results without incisions or sutures. There is minimal to no scarring with this procedure.

What is Macrolane made of?

Macrolane is clear gel that consists of stabilized hyaluronic acid. Being a natural component of the skin hyaluronic acid binds water and helps maintain volume. It acts as the body’s own hyaluronic acid. Macrolane gel is biodegradable.

What all can Macrolane treat?

Macrolane in a volume restoration product and works to contour body surfaces. Body areas that Macrolane injection  can treat are the following:

  • Breasts
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Hands

Additionally, it can also smooth out unevenness in skin surface such as scars caused by liposuction or surgical scars.

How does Macrolane differ from Restylane?

Macrolane and Restylane both are fillers however Macrolane is a thicker gel used for volume restoration and body contouring whereas Restylane is used for smaller face corrections. A larger needle is used for Macrolane treatment than the one used for Restylane treatment.

How long does Macrolane treatment take?

The procedure takes between thirty to ninety minutes varying according to the area treated and the gel injected. Results can be seen instantly.

How is Macrolane treatment performed?

A trained physician or cosmetic surgeon will first apply a local anesthetic into the treatable area. The procedure will take between thirty to ninety minutes and the results will be immediately seen.

Who is the right candidate for Macrolane treatment?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who would like to enhance the shape and contours of their body in a long-lasting but not permanent way and who would want to avoid major surgery. People who are not suited to undergo general anesthesia are also suited for this procedure. The procedure is short and hence convenient for those who can’t afford to have much time away from work.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with Macrolane treatment?

As with any medical procedure the Macrolane treatment also have some requirements that should be discussed with your doctor. Precisely, there should not be any active disease such as inflammation, infection or tumors presented in or near to the selected site.

What happens after the treatment?

You will see the results after the procedure at once, following the procedure, the treated area may feel tense or sore for a few days with the gel putting pressure on the surrounding tissues. Regular over-the-counter painkillers are enough to combat the discomfort. You should take rest after the treatment without any heavy exercises or added pressure. Most people continue their daily activities shortly thereafter.

It is important to know that Macrolane injection is not just for women, men also are in need of reshaping, volumizing and contouring their body hence it can be useful for them as well. A consultation session with the experts at our facility will give you knowledge of whether this is the right treatment for you.