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Hair Transplant Services


What is Hair Transplantation?

It is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair in an area of the body that is not prone to balding such as the sides and back of the head is taken and transplanted into the balding or bald areas. This hair then continues to grow throughout the lifetime of the person being treated giving him or her natural looking hair and a much more youthful look.

Why to choose Hair Transplant in Dubai?

Hair transplant surgery is currently the only way to restore your natural hair. It is one of the best permanent treatments for hair loss and balding.

The risks of the newer hair transplantation procedures are the lowest, and the maintenance after the hair transplant is often minimal as compared to other hair loss treatment options.

Finally, the costs involved are relatively fixed and a one-time cost. Other options like hair loss medications, lotions, ointments, treatments, hairpieces, etc often become an ongoing liability, and are definitely without the splendid results that a hair transplant can deliver.

Why to Choose Us?

Dubai Hair Loss Clinic is not another hair transplant service provider. We have been in this industry for over ten years now. Whereas the cumulative experience of the professionals in our team is above 150 years. All our dedicated practitioners and ancillary staff are duly certified from relevant boards and other regulatory bodies in USA. Our practice is formally registered with the relevant regulatory bodies of Dubai and UAE for all the services we provide to our clients.

With our long standing practice and expertise in the all new FUE Hair Transplant Procedure we can get your natural hair and their high density look back again in an undetectable way so that in most cases people won’t even be able to tell you had a transplant.