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Facelift in Dubai

Face Lift

The signs of aging become imminent in our appearance as we grow older. One of the first things to be effected by aging is the skin due to its soft and supple nature. The forces of gravity cause the skin to become loose, wrinkly and saggy and you can see your skin losing its elasticity at as early as 40 years and it goes downhill from there.
When you’ve crossed your middle ages and are in the 60 to 70 age bracket your skin may become so saggy that Botox injections and non-invasive procedures don’t do the work for you anymore. In that case, a facelift may be required for you to tighten your skin. A face lift is often performed in combination with a neck lift to give maximum youthful appearance.
People who have benefitted from a facelift swear by it and say that they feel so much younger, attractive and energetic with the results. It has boosted their self-esteem and gained them more attention from the opposite sex. A facelift brings a considerable positive change in a person’s life by hiding their age and removing hereditary features that a person may not be satisfied with.
The purpose of a facelift is not to make one look like someone else but to make them feel younger and more confident. A facelift tones facial muscles and tightens the skin with the removal of excess fat under it.
The surgeries of today don’t only tighten the facial skin but also consider the underlying facial structure and removes the excess fat before tightening the skin. This process thus gives reduced tension to the skin and allows a facelift to last longer. Contemporary facelift benefits help to restore your youthful face’s connective tissue, fat and muscles together with skin.
You can consider a mid-facelift to restore youthful appearance to your cheeks and lower eyelids, facial liposuction will take care of the jaws and neck giving it a lift and the lower face lift will smoothen the neck and give the jaw line a shapely definition. Facelift in Dubai offers the perfect solution to attaining tight and youthful skin.
Some frequently asked questions regarding a facelift are the following:

At what age should I consider a facelift?

You cannot say there is any best age for facelift surgery as every person has a unique case. A facelift procedure performed on a younger patient in their 40’s has several benefits, namely, the operation is easier with longer lasting results. However, facelift surgery can benefit patients who are in their 60’s and 70’s as well. The longer you wait to undergo a facelift, the less elastic your skin becomes, making it more difficult to achieve a subtle natural looking result.

Will my incisions be noticeable?

A good cosmetic surgeon will strategically place incisions to there are no telltale signs that other can see. You may have noticed obvious scars in front of the ear and behind the ear of someone who has had a facelift procedure. Unfortunately, this type of scar refrains them from wearing their hair some types of hairstyles without feeling uncomfortable.

How does the facelift procedure work?

Facelift procedures have their variations but have certain common elements. First you are provided with general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make incisions along your hairline and around your ears possibly extending into your scalp. He will then lift your skin away from your face, rearrange the underlying tissue in a higher position and remove excess skin. If you have fat under your skin it may also be removed with liposuction. Finally the surgeon will re-drape your skin over your facial structure and close the incisions with stitches.
The qualified and expert surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery to find out if a facelift is suitable for you and what you require. Our surgeons are of the belief that “If it doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t look good”