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Chin Implant in Dubai


One of the biggest concerns for the modern individual is physical appearance. Men and women all over the world strive for an improvement in their looks because deep down everyone is aware that good looks improve their chances of success in almost every area of life. A recent research has shown that goodlooking people are likely to earn 20% more than their homely colleagues at work. Goodlooking individuals are generally perceived as healthier, luckier and more intelligent. They also have better chances of finding an equally beautiful, healthy and successful mate.
Facial beauty is the biggest determinant of overall beauty in a person. While body weight is usually not a constant and keeps fluctuating with diet, age and hormonal changes, facial beauty seems to be a constant and is not immensely affected by external factors.
Scientists have discovered a golden ratio that adheres to the features of beautiful faces. The golden ratio can be found not only in humans, but across nature, architecture, and even music. The presence of the ratio makes things appear more harmonious and hence appealing to the eye. Why is it that Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai or the bust of Cleopatra are considered to be beautiful or stunning by the majority of people all over the world? It is because their facial proportions conform to the golden ratio, a mathematical ratio that was first coined by the Ancient Greek mathematicians.
One way to measure facial beauty is to measure the face length from the top of the head to the middle of the brow, from the middle of the brow to the tip of the nose and from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The closer these measurements are to each other the more beautiful the face will be considered.
However if these measurements are very off from each other that means, your facial proportions are not in good harmony with each other. Either your forehead, nose or chin area is too big or too small for the rest of your face.
An abnormally large chin in women can add undesired masculinity in a female, just as an abnormally small chin in a man can appear weak and feminine. It is important that the chin length is in harmony with other aspects of the face, and does not stand out too much or to the contrary be invisible.
An undersized chin can alter your entire facial appearance. It can make a perfectly sized nose appear too big, or make the neck look too fleshy.
Chin implant in Dubai can greatly help in altering your chin for an overall improved facial appearance.
Chin implants also known as chin augmentation or mentoplasty can correct a weak chin, strengthen the look of a receding chin and improve the overall facial appearance and profile by recreating balance and harmony. The implant comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be used to correct a chin that is stronger or wider and can even lengthen the face height. The chin implant is placed over the existing bone structure of the individuals lower jaw in order to increase the dimensions and produced the desired results.
In 2008, more than 14000 chin implant surgeries were performed according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Who is a good candidate for Chin Implants?
Chin implants are favourable to both men and women. However not all men and women are suitable candidates for this cosmetic procedure

For a successful chin implant surgery:

Your jaw and teeth must be functioning properly. If your chin is mildly weak and the jaw and teeth are functioning normally, chin implants may be the best way to achieve your desired look. It is also important that you have a strong immune system. A good immune system will reduce the risk of infection post surgery.
If you have used soft tissue fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm to develop a stronger chin line, and were satisfied with the results you are a good candidate for chin implant. You will have a lasting and permanent result.


Treatment of chin implant in Dubai can be done by itself or in conjunction with other facial surgical procedures such as lip lift, cheek implants, blepharoplasty or jaw implant. It can be done on an outpatient basis. The surgery takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It will take much longer if other procedures are being simultaneously performed.
Your surgeon can determine the right implant size and shape that will best complement your facial features and meet your desired goals.
At first, a small incision is made to insert the implants that are made of soft, rubbery and flexible material. They may constitute solid silicone or other materials that the body responds well to without any complications.
If they are silicone implants, the surgeon will make a tiny incision under your chin. If the implant procedure is done at the same time as a face list, the surgeon will opt for a below-the-chin incision for both procedures.
The implant is then inserted and held in place, either by slipping it into a well fitting pocket or by attaching it to bone or soft tissue. Using a pocket is normally preferred by most surgeons, while some prefer using screws to attach implants to the bone or tissue.
Finally, the chin implant procedure is completed by stitching the incision close.


  • The recovery time depends on whether the chin implant surgery was done alone or simultaneously with other procedures.
  • If only a chin implant was performed then the patient should feel fine the day of the treatment.
  • They will be advised to rest and avoid strenuous activity for a few days. There will also be mild soreness in the treated area along with slight swelling.
  • The chin area may feel tighter due to the extra volume added by the implant and the body’s swelling reaction.
  • If the pain is mild you will be prescribed pain medication for a few days
  • You may be advised a prescription antibiotic in order to prevent infection
  • You may have to keep your head elevated to reduce the temporary swelling
  • Only take up light activities the day of treatment, avoiding stressful physical work
  • Your surgeon will advise you when to resume your normal activity or work, which is usually with a week
  • In case of an infection recovery time could take longer than normal
  • You may have to consume a bland soft diet for a few days for your gums to heal if the incision was made through the mouth
  • After eating you must rinse your mouth to keep debris off the stitches
  • The stitches will self-absorb after one or two weeks
  • You may have to rinse your mouth with salt water, or mouth wash following surgery as prescribed by the surgeon
  • If the incision was made via the mouth there will be visible scarring, if it was made under the chin there will be a very small scar.

Risks and Complications of Chin Implant Surgery:

Your chin area will be moderately swollen and sore
Your lips and surrounding areas may feel numb, if the incision was made through the mouth. Sensation will return the next day
Changes in sensation in the area. This may be temporary or permanent.
The implant could move. To minimize this risk you will have to avoid contact sports till the healing is over. Avoid contact to implant area for a month.
An infection may develop in which case the surgeon will need to remove it and do the procedure again.
It is best to discuss your desired goals with a trained and qualified cosmetic surgeon for chin implant in Dubai, to get the best results, and reduce the possibility of complications.