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Breast Reduction in Dubai


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Breast reduction in Dubai is a surgical procedure that will help any woman who resent having a large, oversized breasts compared to her peers. It is the best procedure to help any woman whatever age she is to feel more beautiful, content and confident about herself in one way than one.

Over sized breasts not only affect the aesthetic appearance of woman’s body contour and figure but they also become the reason of physical discomfort. Most of the women like to have bigger and fuller breast but excessively large breasts cause many disadvantages instead of giving you benefits.

Disadvantages of Oversized Breasts:

  • Distort any person’s posture.
  • Cause difficulty in breathing.
  •  Their weight causes frequent lower back pains.
  • Become the reason of neck strains.
  • Difficulty in doing certain activities like extreme exercise and running can cause pain to the breasts.
  • Certain clothing styles and options can be restricted due to the fact that big breasts are harder to dress up especially if the person does not want to look too seductive or flirtatious.
  • Causes bra straps pains and can irritate the skin crease if the person is not wearing the right bra size.
  • Large breasts tend to show more prominent sagging as a woman age.
  • Men tend to look at women with big breasts offensively which can trigger a feeling of uneasiness to any woman.
  • Causes depression to some who hates unwanted attention and comments.

Advantages of Breast Reduction in Dubai:

  • It can trim down and reshape large breasts into any woman’s preferred size and shape.
  • Removing the excess skin and fats in the breasts can help firm up visible future extreme sagging.
  • Helps correct and reduce oversized areola and nipples.
  • The best step to let any woman enjoy her new and improved body shape.
  • The freedom to choose whatever style of clothes you want to wear.
  • The freedom to move about and do any activities from extreme sports and adventures without thinking of any type of restriction that can be caused by having bigger breasts.
  • Improves self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Gives out a happier and more positive disposition in life.

Breast Reduction in Dubai Procedure:

  • Patients will be placed under general anesthesia to lessen discomfort and pains.
  • Once the anesthesia has started to take effect, the surgeon will then make a cut around the nipple area then downward in a form of a keyhole.
  • In that cut the surgeon will extract the extra unwanted skin tissues and fats from inside the breast. The amount to be removed will depend on what the doctor and the patient has talked about in their past meetings. The bigger the cup size of the patient the more fats will be extracted.
  • Nipples and areola will then be repositioned after all unwanted fats have been removed.
  • Before stitching all cuts back together, drainage tubes will be used to help the newly operated breasts to heal faster.
  • This procedure can be done in an inpatient and outpatient facility. It is more advisable to have it done as an inpatient to make sure doctors and assisting nurses can look after any possible complications after the operation.
  • The procedure can last from two to seven hours at maximum depending on how much reduction is needed.

Side effects breast reduction surgery:

Though breast reduction surgery performed by our highly experienced plastic surgeons does not cause any severe risks or complications. However, as it is an invasive procedure, it does cause certain temporary side effects.

  • Experiencing tired feeling and slight pain in the breasts is normal.
  • Swelling, tenderness and bruising that subside with the use of prescribed medications occurs.
  • Scarring is caused by the procedure but it fades with the passage of time.
  • You may also feel numbness in the nipples and areola or breasts.

This procedure’s result is permanent but maintaining its newly enhanced form will depend upon the patient’s lifestyle and diet. If your breasts are also sagging, then you can go for the procedure in combination with breast lift surgery. Combination of both the surgeries can improve the results of surgery.