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Significant number of patients from North America and Western Europe are exploring better options to get their plastic surgery procedures performed. Specifically, they are looking for ways that are affordable, time saving yet safe and competitive in quality and standard. Often these people end up seeking restorative and cosmetic care in foreign destinations.

While the practice of medical tourism is not an innovation of our modern age, the trend has been gaining an unprecedented momentum over the last few decades due, of course, to increasing traveling and communication efficiency of the age.

Some other factors that appear to be responsible for triggering and fueling growth in the trend are:

  • ever-increasing patient waiting lists in the public health service facilities,
  • skyrocketing restorative and cosmetic surgery costs,
  • increased privacy concerns, and
  • adding value to pleasure travels
  • emergence of world class treatment facilities developed locally by professionals educated and trained in advanced countries like UK, USA, Canada, France and the like

In order to cater for the needs and preferences of this audience, we have designed a very flexible medical tourism package that can be customized to fit their unique situations on an individual basis.

If you need a restorative plastic surgery but can not wait for your public facility until they have dealt with the long queue ahead of you, or if you feel embarrassed on being treated as, and no better than, your social security number, if you want to have special, personalized attention at minimal cost to you, you may be interested in our personalized service plans.

Perhaps you are a cosmetic surgery candidate looking for an affordable finance for your surgery after your insurance company has plainly declined your request for covering the cost. What if you could have your procedure done without such assistance? See no further; contact us to book your free online or telephonic consultation and get our no-obligation quote. You may doubt, but the fact is that many people have already realized their cosmetic dreams out of their normal savings.

May be money is not your problem; is it privacy and confidentiality that matters to you the most? Why not have your apartment booked in one of your favorite or dream tourist resorts in UAE and, when you are there, slip away silently one day to visit our clinic in Dubai. If your procedure can be done on an outpatient basis, fine. Otherwise, one of our case coordinators can make necessary arrangements to make you comfortable until full recovery.

Finally, if you are one of those fun-loving souls who are good at turning challenges into opportunities and who see little difference between getting through life crises and plunging into funfair maize, you may wish to discuss your preferences with our overseas patient coordinator. What activities and event would you like to have on your menu to make your medical tour pleasurable and memorable? Sightseeing, luxury shopping, dining out, you name it.

You can start by browsing other information pages in this section. Feel free to contact us to have your queries answered.





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Special Packages

special packages

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Steps of Surgery


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