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Medical Tourism for Overseas Patients

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In the last couple of years, Dubai has become a nip and tuck hub. Since Dubai is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with around 200 different nationalities, the fact that surgeons are noticing continuous increase in the number of people willing to go under the knife for cosmetic surgeries in Dubai would not be surprising. Where the candidates would have preferred having cosmetic surgery done in Brazil, Beirut or Beverly Hills, these days, they are having work done in Dubai.

Apart natives undergoing plastic surgery procedures, medical tourism is continuously on rise as well. In fact Dubai, racing ahead to dominate Middle East’s plastic surgery market, has plans to attract half a million tourists in next six years.

There are few reasons for choosing Dubai as destination for having cosmetic surgeries done and here you will know how Dubai Cosmetic Surgery can help you as well.

  • Dubai’s Glamour factor – It is the most important factor that is driving the trend of having cosmetic surgeries done in this region. Multicultural options for food, shopping destinations, opulent hotels and many more are attracting medical tourists. So, have cosmetic surgery done and at the same time have a nice holiday.
  • Renewable visas – Dubai has introduced a three-month renewable visa for medical tourists, which has made undergoing plastic surgeries in Dubai much easier for the tourists.
  • Client care and satisfaction at DCS – At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have a dedicated and compassionate team of highly experienced and internationally recognized plastic surgeons and laser and skincare experts, nurses, patient coordinators and other members. We are keen to guide and provide customized services to our patients from initial consultation till they step out.
  • Latest medical facility – Our clinic is equipped with latest and cutting edge technology, which ensures safety, success of cosmetic procedures and great results.
  • Expertise of plastic surgeons – We have highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who have performed numerous cosmetic procedures successfully and are among the most reputable plastic surgeons in this region, on board. Client’s satisfaction and safety is the foremost priority of our plastic surgeons.
  • Low complication rate – Expertise of our plastic surgeons ensure safety of patient and lowest complication rate.
  • Financing options – We have also introduced financing options to make procedures more affordable and help clients start feeling better about their appearance without any wait.

Our medical tourism packages

We are soon going to introduce specially designed medical tourism packages for our overseas clientele. So, keep in touch.

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